Richard Sherman was flagged for a late hit on Marcus Mariota, but wasn't ejected. Watch the play and the ensuing scrum.

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After being flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct in the first half agains the Titans, Richard Sherman was flagged for unnecessary roughness on a late hit to Titans’ QB Marcus Mariota out of bounds.

The hit ignited the Tennessee bench, including offensive tackle Taylor Lewan, who took his helmet off and was visibly irate at Sherman’s actions. Lewan was also flagged for a personal foul, offsetting the Sherman penalty.

Because Sherman already had an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, many speculated Sherman would get tossed for the late hit. But, per NFL rules, late hits do not count as unsportsmanlike conduct penalties. If a player accrues two unsportsmanlike conduct fouls in the same game, that player is automatically ejected. Such penalties include, throwing a punch or forearm, using abusive or threatening language and using baiting or taunting act that engender ill will between teams.

Sherman’s first penalty came after a pass interference call, in which he appeared to not touch Erik Decker. Sherman ripped his helmet off following the play and was flagged for yelling at the referee.