Richard Sherman followed up with his criticism of Trump's comments, and called on NFL owners to speak up and take action in a video for The Players' Tribune Saturday.

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Hours after responding to President Trump’s statements against the NFL and players kneeling for the national anthem, Richard Sherman posted a video via The Players’ Tribune offering more thoughts on the situation.

Here’s what Sherman had to say:

“Hmm. Well, a very interesting time we are living in right now. We should be more focused on uniting our country and showing one another how similar we are and how amazing it is to live in this great country.

Trump vs. NFL

I think the comments from the President of The United State of America have been very divisive for a long time. And I think that it’s very interesting that he condemned the silent protests of our players who are protesting the injustice of and bigotry and racism that has plagued our great country for so long, and are trying to make a difference to make our country even better and even greater, are seen as radicals to him.

That’s incredible seeing as he saw the white supremacists and it took him a while to even condemn the — to say anything bad about what they were doing. And in this country, I think it’s incredibly disrespectful to show swastikas or have swastikas or anything of that nature, or anything that represents that regime or that time in history, because that was terrible. You know, America fought in that war. Americans died in that war. These Americans fought our flag in that war, and to disrespect them by bringing swastikas, I thought he would address that more vehemently.

It’s time for somebody to address it — to address those comments, and to address the way our country is being divided, because it’s wrong. I would also encourage our owners to speak up for our players. I think that this is an issue that attacks not only our players, but our league.

I understand all of our owners are astute businessmen and the NFL is their business. And it’s your business. And your business is also being attacked. Obviously Commissioner Goodell has said something, but I think that it is more powerful if each individual owner comes out and has something to say about this.

We’re all together, we’re all Americans. And, you know, it’s time for the racism and bigotry — for those things to go away. Those things have no place in society — no place in America, and no place in any country. That’s my two cents.”