Ricardo Lockette retired on Thursday, so here are the top five moments from his brief career with the Seahawks.

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Former Seahawks receiver and special-teams ace Ricardo Lockette retired on Thursday, so here are the top five moments from his brief career with the Seahawks:


1. Flea flicker touchdown catch against Carolina

Although the Seahawks ended up blowing the lead in the fourth quarter against the Panthers, Lockette made the play of the day.
In the third quarter, the Seahawks drew up a little trickery and called for a flea flicker. Quarterback Russell Wilson pitched the ball to running back Marshawn Lynch, who threw the ball back to Wilson, who threw the ball 50 yards to Lockette.

It all happened in a flurry, but the amazing part of the play was the end. Lockette jumped over Panthers safety Kurt Coleman, stole the ball from him and hauled in the catch for a touchdown. It showed all of Lockette’s speed, size and natural athletic ability.


2. Big hit on a punt return, part one

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said Lockette stood for everything the Seahawks wanted in their players: He was fast, played hard, was relentless. But Carroll laughed and said the only category in which Lockette sometimes fell short was playing smart. Lockette always straddled the line between being hyper-aggressive and being out of control. But when he found that balance, it usually meant good things for the Seahawks.

In 2013, Lockette was covering a punt when he timed his contact with Rams returner Justin Veltung perfectly and delivered a big hit. Had Lockette been just a second earlier, he would have been flagged for a penalty. Instead, it energized the crowd and his teammates.


3. Big hit on a punt return, part two
Lockette became one of the Seahawks’ best special teams players in the last few years, and he did it primarily because he was just so blazing fast. He always seemed to be the first one down the field covering a punt or a kickoff.

Lockette delivered another big special-teams hit — which became his calling card of sorts — against the 49ers in the NFC Championship game in 2014.

Lockette flew down the field, the return man bobbled the punt and Lockette hit him, freeing the ball.


4. Touchdown catch against the Broncos

Lockette’s greatest asset as a receiver was his speed, and he had the ability to burn defenses deep.

He did that against the Broncos at the end of the first half in a much-hyped rematch of the Super Bowl early in the 2014 season. Wilson floated a deep pass to Lockette down the sideline, and Lockette just ran by the defender for a touchdown.


5. The final play of the Super Bowl

Lockette brought up the final play of the Seahawks’ Super Bowl loss to the Patriots, the one in which Wilson’s pass at the goal line intended for Lockette was intercepted. It was the defining play of that season and one of the most disheartening and shocking moments in Super Bowl history.

Lockette was at the center of it, and he said he and his team’s ability to move past that shocking and heartbreaking loss helped prepare him for his early retirement.

What’s interesting about that Super Bowl is that Lockette had the most receiving yards he’d ever had with the Seahawks in that game.