Ricardo Lockette suffered a severe neck injury last November and said he is taking the recovery process one step at a time.

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Ricardo Lockette, a free-agent receiver who played for the Seahawks last season, said he is taking his recovery “day by day” after suffering a scary season-ending neck injury in November.

Lockette talked about his injury Wednesday at KeyArena, which was packed with students at “We Day,” an event intended to empower youth.

“Just taking it a day at a time,” said Lockette, who wasn’t wearing a neck brace. “I’m healing and depending on my teammates and the training staff to get me back to where I need to be. It will be fine. I’ll take it day by day and one step at a time.”

Lockette was covering a punt against the Dallas Cowboys in November in Arlington, Texas, when he took a big hit. He remained motionless on the field and left off on a stretcher. He underwent surgery shortly thereafter. He has said he intends to play again.

“Being down on the field, it makes you appreciate everything a lot more, because everything could have been taken away,” he said. “Life, being able to walk, being able to move my hands, just the small things. I just want to give back. Everyone helped me be where I am today, so I feel indebted to the community, to the Seahawks and to the state of Washington. Whatever I can do to help change or help give back, that’s what I’ll do as long as I live.”

He told the quiet crowd about the injury.

“I couldn’t feel my entire body,” he said. “There was no feeling or anything. The only thing I could do was move my eyes. I’m on the ground, and I’m laying down in Cowboys Stadium. It’s 10 times quieter than it is in here. I’m just looking around, and I’m just asking God. I prayed that I could walk again. I prayed that I could hug my parents. And you feel like a warrior, you feel like a warrior on the field. In that moment, I was a helpless soul. The only people I could depend on were my family, the trainers, the doctors and God. They were there for me, and I’m happy to be here.”

Lockette remained in Dallas for the surgery, and teammates Russell Okung and Marshawn Lynch stayed behind with Lockette.

“It was one of the most amazing feelings ever,” he said. “To almost be paralyzed, to almost lose your life, and for people of that caliber to be by your bed when you wake up, it definitely makes you feel appreciated. It’s all about brotherhood.”