There will be no further investigation into Tuesday's car accident involving Seattle Seahawk running back Fred Jackson, Renton police said Wednesday.

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There will be no further investigation into Tuesday’s car accident involving Seattle Seahawk running back Fred Jackson, Renton police spokesman David Leibman said Wednesday.

Via email, Leibman said “there is nothing further. If anything, he will receive a ticket for inattention, a minor infraction.” On Wednesday afternoon, the Renton police tweeted that Jackson would be cited for inattentive driving, which carries a $175 fine.

Jackson was involved in a one-car accident roughly a quarter-mile from the team’s training facility in Renton Tuesday afternoon. Jackson was not injured.

While TMZ reported that drag racing was the cause of the accident, Renton police denied that.

“There is no evidence he was drag racing anyone,” David Leibman said Tuesday. “He was leaving the facility, and he was clearly driving to0 fast when he hit a street sign.”

Leibman said there was a significant amount of damage to Jackson’s 2016 Corvette but added that the Seahawk had no apparent injuries.

Leibman said police were called at 4:49 p.m. Jackson waited for police to arrive, was cooperative and then was taken to the Seahawks’ facility, the Virginia Mason Athletic Center.

In a statement released Tuesday night, Renton police said: “Early news releases indicated that Jackson was racing another team member and was removed from the scene by team security before officers could investigate. These reports are false. As of this time, there is no indication that Jackson was racing another vehicle.”

Jackson tweeted about the crash Tuesday night:

Jackson, 34, was signed as a free agent Sept. 7 to add depth at tailback after Robert Turbin was injured. Jackson is the third-leading rusher in Buffalo Bills history with 5,127 yards, behind Thurman Thomas and O.J. Simpson but was released by the team Aug. 31.

Jackson has played in all six games this season. He has 52 yards on 10 carries and 110 yards on 12 receptions, including a touchdown against Green Bay.

The Seahawks leave for the Bay Area Wednesday afternoon for a game Thursday night against the 49ers. Coach Pete Carroll will address the media after practice Wednesday.

Seattle Times staff reporter Jennifer Sullivan contributed to this report.