Veteran NFL official Walt Coleman will be the referee for the Seahawks' game Sunday at Minnesota.

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The referee for the Seahawks-Vikings wild-card playoff game Sunday in Minnesota will be Walt Coleman, according to

This will be the first time Coleman has worked a Seahawks game since the regular season win at Carolina last season. But tracking past results is a little tricky since the crews aren’t the same for the playoffs as they are the regular season, with assignments given to those who grade the highest during the regular season. As notes, though, officials who rate as high as 10 or better at their position can be considered, so they aren’t necessarily all-star crews.

Coleman has actually done two really notable Seattle playoff games during the Pete Carroll era — the 41-36 victory over the Saints in the wild-card round following the 2010 season (the Beast Quake game) and the 30-28 loss at Atlanta in the divisional round following the 2012 season.

Coleman, who has been an NFL ref since 1999, may be most famous for being the referee for the infamous “Tuck Rule Game” involving the Raiders and Patriots in 2002.

While the Seahawks had some penalty issues at times this season, they finished being called for fewer penalties this season than in 2014, when they led the NFL.

Seattle was called for 117 penalties in 2015 compared to 130 in 2014,  though the yards were about the same — 1,007 to 1,009.

And for much of the season the Seahawks held the dishonor of having their opponents called for the fewest penalties. But the Seahawks were “passed”at the end of the season in that category by the Jets — Seattle’s foes had 94 penalties called against them this year, fewest in the NFL except the Jets’ 90.

Seattle’s most penalized player was guard J.R. Sweezy, flagged 10 times — four holdings, three unnecessary roughness and three false starts.

Richard Sherman and Russell Wilson were actually next with eight each — Sherman had three pass interferences and holdings among his flags while Wilson gets credit for five delay of game penalties.

Michael Bennett finished with seven (and also had another three that were declined). Six of the penalties called against Bennett (three of which were declined) were for defensive offsides.

But Bennett cleaned up his act in that regard after getting flagged five times in the first two games. Bennett had only one more offsides penalty after the first half of the second game of the year, that coming against Pittsburgh.