Here are a bunch of quotes from Seahawks' players following Seattle's 13-10 win over Detroit Monday night.

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Here are some quotes from Seattle players following Monday night’s 13-10 win over Detroit.


(Opening…) “That was an interesting game. Obviously a tough game and a tough battle. Guys made plays tonight, they were showing up all over the field, in the scramble drills and making plays. So many different guys made some phenomenal plays tonight. I got to do a better job, my awareness has to be a little better. Obviously having those two plays gave them a chance to come back and win the game potentially. But, the fight that we showed as a team, the collective effort, was phenomenal. That’s what it takes, week in and week out, and it was a lot to play tonight.“

(On his scramble throw to Kearse…) “Those guys work so hard; Kearse, Doug, Tyler Lockett, Chris Matthews, they came up with some huge plays. I just had to find a way to make a play. I’m not sure what the down and distance was, I don’t remember, but Jermaine did a great job of coming back to the football, caught the football, was physical through the play and then hustled down the sideline, and on the next play we scored a touchdown to Doug Baldwin in the back of the end zone. Doug did a phenomenal job of just trusting, and he got to the back of the end zone. I threw it to a spot and he made a phenomenal catch and got his feet in.”

(On the two fumbles… ) “Those are my fault, honestly. The first one, he got me pretty good, I wasn’t ready for it, and I just have to squeeze that better. I should have handed it off. Then, the last one, I got by the guy, I didn’t realize he was behind me. He made a good play. Those are on me, but something we can fix. It’s kind of a happy medium. You try to make these plays and try to extend the play. At certain times you just have to understand the situation and go down, or whatever it may be. The second one, I didn’t realize he was behind me. But, you just grow from it. Having a play like Kam made, to end the game and to be physical to the very last second, to the very last inch, was what team football is all about. ”

(On how much longer they can win playing offensive as they have…)   “You win one game at a time, that’s the goal. That’s the mentality.”

(On the play that Kam made…) “I just believed that we were going to make a play. We’ve done it so many times, over and over again, offensively and defensively, so just rooting for them to find a way to make a play. Cary Williams just trying to be physical, trying to make a tackle there and the guys came over, and I saw Kam. Earl Thomas had a play like that last year, on the one-inch yard line, I forget who it was against. Give us an inch. It’s good to have Kam back. To have him make that play was pretty cool.

(On assessing the offense…) “I thought that we made some great plays. We want to be explosive, we want to have some big time plays. Like I said, if I don’t fumble the football, the game’s a completely different game. That’s on me, and it’s nobody else’s fault but me. I look forward to fixing that part. That’s the mentality there. I think I slowed us down more than anybody else. ”

(On the communication with the offensive line…) “They made some plays, they have some good players too over there. I know Jason Jones made a couple nice plays on their side, he played here. He’s a phenomenal player, watching him play. We can always get better. That’s the fun part about it, that’s why you go to work every week, that’s what you look forward to. No matter the situation, you look forward to going back to work and learning and digging into the idea of just getting better. That’s how we’ve always done it. They made some good plays.”


(On getting the win in the way that they did…) “It’s an interesting way to put it. A win is a win, but at the same time we tried to give it to them. We can’t be doing that, we can’t give a team any advantage. We’ve got to get better.”

(On his touchdown catch and the play right before it…) “Yeah, you know we have the ability to make plays when we have to like that, but we would prefer not to. We would prefer to do it in the framework of the offense, but fortunately enough we’ve got a quarterback who’s able to make those kind of plays, so we try to keep it alive.”

(On if the playbook was more open tonight with Marshawn Lynch not playing…) “I wouldn’t say it was more open tonight, we just had guys in different positions. The playbook was pretty much the same it was just guys were in different positions to make the same plays.”

(On what the team can learn from the game tonight…) “We’ve got to clean up a lot of stuff offensively in terms of not turning the ball over, protecting our quarterback, and making plays on the outside when we have a chance to do so. Other than that, it’s business as usual, take it one day at a time.”


(On his first down catch to end the game…) “It was supposed to be a set route over the ball and I saw him scrambling, and there was no one back there so I just started heading to the open area. He did a great job seeing me and being able to deliver the ball, and I just tried to make a play.”

(On if he thought he would score on the play…) “Man, I had no doubt in my mind, that was my first thing I was going to try to do was just score.”

(On getting the win despite some offensive mistakes…) “Yeah, things aren’t always going to be smooth and it’s just how we respond to that type of adversity, and you know our defense made a huge stop for us over there on the 5-yard line with Kam punching the ball out. That’s just what it’s all about, just having each other’s back. Our defense had our back on that play right there, and we just went out there and tried to finish it.”

(On how he would describe this win…) “I would say interesting, some people may say nerve-wracking. So it was definitely an interesting game for us, just to have the script flipped on us that fast with them going in and scoring on a fumble return and then getting the ball back, and then Kam punching the ball out just making a huge play for us. So it was just about how we respond to adversity and I felt like we did a great job showing that.”


(On if there was an issue with the snaps…) “Yeah, a couple of tough ones. That’s on me, I need to do a better job and focus on that this week. That’s not going to happen again.”

(On if it happened because he has to do so much…) “Nothing should be too much. I need to do everything and make sure everyone is on the same page. That falls on my shoulders, so I need to do a better job of that.”

(On if Detroit did anything different from what they were expecting…) “A couple of different looks with the linebackers, and just knowing when to go out and when not to. Just a couple different things that we had to make adjustments during the game, and things that I need to see when we’re on the field.”

(On what happened with the fumble…) “Honestly, I didn’t even see what happened, I don’t know.”

(On what the O-line feels…) “I know that, I trust that these guys will come to work tomorrow and just get right after it, and not worry about what happened here. Just try to move on and fix our mistakes.”


(On whether there was one play in particular to comment about…) “There was a lot of plays. We played hard as a team, we fought to the end. That forced fumble at the end, we always strive to play to the end, play to the whistle. I saw a lot of brown of the ball. I attacked it, punished it and made a big play at the end.“

(On whether he knew it was out of the end zone…) “I knew when I punched it. I was just waiting for it to roll out. It took forever. It rolled for a long time. I knew it was going to go out.”

(On whether he was aware of the rule… ) “I didn’t see what happened. I don’t know anything about the rule. I didn’t see what happened. I saw it roll, and I turned around and I saw it going to the sideline.”

(On whether he could see that Johnson was holding the ball a little loosely…)   “He had it away from his body. They teach you to tuck it tight and it was away from his body, so I just punched at it. I gave up a big play to get them down there. I gave up a seam route, something I didn’t see on film. I owed it to my defense to get the ball back. I made up for it.”

(On whether he realized he could punch the ball out…) “I just realized that I could get the ball out. It just happened to be in a situation where I saved the game, but I saw a lot of brown of the ball, and I saw it loose, so I just punched at it. We practiced that all the time.”

(On whether Thomas hitting him in the legs helped cause the fumble…) “I don’t know. I think Cary was on him, because Cary was checking him and he did an in and out route on Cary, got away from him, Cary tackled him. Cary occupied him a lot, had his attention, and I saw the ball loose and I just punched it. ”

(On whether Detroit did anything different on the last drive…) “No, they did a lot of the same things, but the play I gave up was one thing I didn’t see on film. Something they didn’t run all game. They capitalized on that. They’re a good team, it’s the NFL. Sometimes they make plays. It’s about not giving up and getting the ball back.”

(On whether the hit on Johnson made him felt like he was truly back….) “No, I felt like I was back last week. Once I took the field, I feel like I’m back. That hit, it just electrifies our team, it electrifies our stadium. It brings the energy, I just love doing it. Once I get one, I want more.”

(On being able to set aside everything…) “It’s been gone. Once I got back on that field, it’s all about moving forward. I’m not a guy that lives in the past. I always like to move forward.”

(On what a win like that means to this team going forward….)   “It’s exactly what this team stands for, we fight to the end. We fight for each other, because we’re brothers. It’s never over, we have faith in each other, we have faith in our ability, so we just fight to the end ”

(On the defense allowing just one field goal the last two games….) “We’re playing pretty decent, we have a lot of things to clean up on, small fundamental things. Route concepts. We’ll sharpen it up and try to keep teams to zero. We don’t want them to score any points, any field goals. We want to keep them out of field goal position. We have to eliminate the penalties, we can’t hurt ourselves, self-inflicting things. Teams are good, so sometimes you might give up something.”

(On not worrying about the offense…) “That’s our job. We play defense. We don’t really look at what the offense does over there. We praise them, and we encourage them to keep going, keep fighting, no matter how the results look. We play defense. We’re there to get the ball, we’re there to stop the offense, we’re there to protect the end zone.”

(On how they practice chopping the ball….) “We have turnover circuit. Each circuit we go after the ball. One is recovering, one is getting the ball away from the quarterback, and one is punching the ball out, and one is scoring. We just practice those things often, even in team drills we always attack the ball. We punch at the running back when he has the ball and try to strip, and it makes both sides better.”

(On whether K.J. Wright batting the ball was a legal play…) “I don’t know anything about that, I didn’t see it, so I can’t speak on anything I didn’t see.”


(On getting to 2-2…) “It is what it is. We don’t think about the record. I mean, it’s too early to determine anything. There are teams that are going to fly out of the gates and slow down, there are teams that haven’t hit their stride yet. You know, who knows what kind of run Detroit can go on, and they can be in it. Obviously there are some teams out to a great start, but it’s a long season.”

(On what he saw on the fumble at the end of the game…) “I realized it as soon as the ball came out. I saw the ball pop out into the end zone, and I know he didn’t go past the plane, and it was just a phenomenal play by Kam. A great win.”

(On what he saw from Cary Williams in the game…) “I think he stood up great. I think he made it a tough one, I think he did his job very effectively. I think today was the best game he’s played, and more for a lack of opportunities than anything else, but today when they tested him, he stood up.”


(On Kam Chancellor’s forced fumble at the end of the game…) “I don’t know what happened, I just saw the ball out and Kam jumping up. It’s amazing, I don’t know. I don’t know what to tell you.”

(On how big of a play that is right now…) “It’s unbelievable. I mean come on now. Give us an inch and we protected it. It just feels so good, I think we just need games like this for us to come together. I don’t know, I just felt like we were so close. We needed this.”

(On what the feeling was when the Lions were driving down the field on their last drive…) “There wasn’t any feeling, just trying to get the job done.”

(On what his emotion was when he saw the fumble…) “I don’t know. I’m stunned. I don’t know.”

(On if he had a clean look at the play…) “No, I just closed my eyes and went low. Then I saw the ball out.”


(On his game tonight…) “I knew if I could stay within the confines of the defense, do my technique, believe in my technique, believe in those other guys out there on the field, then I could be successful.”

(On if he thought he was tested more today…) “You know what, I don’t really care about the tests, I just want to be the best me I can possible be on every play. Like I said, I was just fortunate enough to have a great game. I practiced this well this week, and I was wanted to stay within the confines of the defense and be the best me on every snap.”

(On how important it was to not let Calvin Johnson not get over the top on him…) “I think it’s huge. Especially a guy like that, who has down the field ability, a guy that can go up and catch the ball at any given moment, a guy that can run crisp routes. I just wanted to step-kick, work on my technique, and just stay on top. That’s all I was thinking about this week, and I was fortunate enough to have a good game.”


(On if he feels a brotherhood starting to form in the locker room…) “It’s been there, it’s been there since I’ve gotten here. We just play for each other, it’s not about one guy. When Kam made the play, he was like, I got your back, I won’t let y’all down. So it’s always been a brotherhood here.”

(On if he saw Kam Chancellor punch the ball out on the fumble…) “I did, I just saw Kam just finishing all the way to the end. That’s just something that he does. He’s a special football player. I’m so glad that he came back, and it’s just a play that was big time for us, and he knocked the ball out, he got the game winner for us.”

(On the fumble at the end of the game…) “Yeah, you can’t hit it backwards, and you can’t intentionally I guess knock it out. But at the time I wasn’t thinking that, I was just trying to not mess up the game. So I know now.”

(On if he saw the referee holding the flag) “Yeah, I did not see the flag. I’m glad we won though.”

(On if he was trying to knock the ball out of bounds…) “Yeah, I wanted to just knock it out of bounds and not try to catch it and fumble it. I was just trying to make a good play for my team.”