Seahawks coach Pete Carroll talked about the offensive line, the upcoming game against the Bengals, and more when he met the media Wednesday.

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Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll held his weekly press conference before practice Wednesday. Here are highlights of what he had to say:

On Marshawn Lynch’s status for the game: “We’re going day-to-day on this thing, and it will take us all the way to the end of the week before we know. He did make a lot of progress last week, and was able to run around some and all that. He’s worked really hard at it so we’ll see if we can get it done.”

On what he saw from the offensive line against the Lions: “We had some issues, and it wasn’t any one guy. It was just stuff happened, and we needed to help them better. This is the reality of it, there’s a lot of things that enter into it, and sometimes it’s getting the ball out when we have the chance to before the rush gets there. We missed a couple blocks, we missed a couple looks at stuff, and they did a nice job with the pressures that they brought too. So I’m really thinking about pass protection when I’m saying all that, that we need to get better there, and it’s just ongoing and we’re going to continue to work at it. But we have some thoughts about some things we adjust a little bit as we go in terms of helping guys and the way that we have to look at the opponent, and how that fits together with our matchups. So we’re doing all of that.”

On if the same five offensive linemen will start this week: “Right now, yes.”

On if the offensive line has regressed in any way since the season started: “No I don’t think so at all, I think this is all just putting money in the bank and trying to figure it out, and getting where we can use the experiences that we’ve had effectively. It takes a while. There’s some things that they saw again for the first time that an experienced group might be able to identify a little bit quicker and adjust a little bit sooner. It’s just part of it, and we’re just growing through it.”

On if backup center Patrick Lewis took a step back in the offseason: “No, it just turned a little bit, the competition of it, and Patrick’s not out of this thing. He’s a good player, he has won games for us in the past. We know that, and so he continues to stay very close, and the competition is good there. There will be a time if the opportunity opens up for him, he’ll be ready to jump at it.”

On if there was a particular issue with the snaps against the Lions: “Yeah, we were not consistent, and it caused us problems. The big turnover that we had was a snap that was off to the side, and we had a couple big problems there. Much different than the other games, and so it popped up in this game and it became a factor for us in the way that we were executing, so we have to get that cleaned up. That’s a very fundamental part of the game, and it’s easily overlooked, but when you have a game where you’re troubled a little bit you can tell it’s an enormous factor. So that’s something that we should be able to get clean here this week.”

On what the problem was with the snaps against the Lions: “They were just not as accurate as we’re counting on in the gun, so it just causes the quarterback to have to move to start his process, whether it’s run or pass, and it can be a factor. That’s not the timing we’re counting on. There’s not an area for lost time in there where we can still function the way we want to. So we just have to be sharper.”

On the balance between letting the offensive line develop and having to make changes: “Because of the competitive way we look at it, the changes are always eminent, they’re always there. It could happen, and that hasn’t been any different in any position for our football team. Some guys after a while they obviously establish a grace period, but the young guys that are coming up, they’ve got a competitive aspect right there hanging with them. These guys up front are in that situation. Drew’s got Patrick just like you said, he’s a good football player.”

On how much the offensive line issues affect getting Jimmy Graham the ball downfield: “Play the play, we have a lot of calls. We want to get Jimmy the ball because he’s a really good football player. We have calls in there and sometimes it works for him, sometimes it doesn’t. It’s not, I know you guys always want just ‘either-or,’ it isn’t like that. Some situations he could have gotten the ball when Russell [Wilson] had to move, and then we couldn’t find him later in the route, stuff like that, it’s just normal. It’s not exactly how we want it, but it is normal to happen.”

On how Justin Britt is playing at left guard: “He’s been consistent. He had a couple plays in this game, this is kind of an offensive line meeting I can understand here, but he had a couple plays that he wasn’t sharp on and got a bit of a lean in his approach to his pickup and got out of whack, but that happens to guys all the time. Hopefully it doesn’t happen at different spots so it adds up where you have a game where you have a number of issues, and it kind of happened in this game.”

On Alvin Bailey not playing as much in the last game: “Just a game plan thing. Alvin is a very flexible player. He can play both guards, both tackles, and can play tight end for us as well in the big situations. He’s available in our game plans whenever we call for it. He can do all that.”

On Fred Jackson’s health: “Fred’s looks pretty good. He had what we would call a high ankle sprain but he’s getting around okay. A little bit of a surprise, we’ve got to see what that means. It’s going to take him all week too, to figure out whether he can run on it, but he is bouncing around a little bit, and he’s hopeful that he can pull it off. We’ll see what happens.”

On Brandon Mebane’s health: “I think he’s going to make it back. He’s ready to go, and just about made it for game time last week. He looks good, it’s still going to be a day-to-day because once he works, we have to see how he recovers from it, but I’m pretty hopeful that he’ll make it back.”

On the punt return that Tyler Lockett muffed: “He boldly went after one, he knew he was going to try to catch it on a dead run and see if he could make something happen. He just misjudged it a bit, it just got a little high on him and he didn’t handle it. He’s an incredible catcher, and he would tell you he was just trying to get too much out of that instead of just making a good, sure catch. He was in traffic and all that. It was a very bold attempt, it was just ‘not now’ is kind of how we look at it. But I trust that he’s going to figure it out. He’s as good a catcher back there as you can find. I mean he’s really, really adept. But in that case, he went too far, he tried to do too much. Which is generally where we find our problems, we try to do more than the opportunity presents and that was one of those.”

On how much he had to stress the importance of not giving up big plays to Cary Williams when he was new to the defense: “Well, in our defensive scheme we are extraordinarily tied to that principal. If you give up long touchdown plays, you’re not a very good defense. It doesn’t matter what you do, or how hard you hit or whatever. So it all begins there. That’s the first aspect of playing defense, you can’t give up easy plays. So it just begins there. How much do we speak about it and try to make sense of that, as much as we can and as much as need be, and we’re very lucky and fortunate that our guys on the back end have really understood that. Earl [Thomas] has been a tremendous advocate of the philosophy, as has Richard [Sherman] and Kam [Chancellor], and Cary [Williams] is really tuned in. He played a very, very good football game against terrific football players last week, and he got challenged too. That was a remarkably good game for him, I was really happy for him.”

On the challenges the Bengals present for big plays: “Yeah, they’re loaded. I think they probably have more explosive plays than anybody in the league right now. They’re bold, they’ve been taking their shots with guys across the board that can make plays. Of course you see A.J. [Green] and you think he’s the only guy, but they have a really good group. The tight end is good, they’re all good. With that, Andy [Dalton] has been on the mark, he’s been hitting stuff, he’s been protecting well. Hue Jackson runs this thing and they’ve been very confident in their ability to strike you downfield, and they’ve been hitting it. So it’s a big problem, they’re making trouble for everybody and we’re going to try to minimize that as best we can.”

On the illegal bat rule: “We have to have an awareness of when the ball is in the end zone, of where you bat it. We went back 12 years of stats, that penalty has never been called on a player batting the ball in that manner that we could find. I’ve been coaching for 40 whatever years, I’ve never seen that happen before, and that’s a lot of games. But there is an opportunity in the games, when it is really at your advantage to knock the ball out of bounds. We have to knock the ball backwards, in that moment it happened that we’re talking about, you’re on defense and which way is backwards, at that moment that’s what’s key, and certainly we address it. I can’t imagine it ever happening again, but who says, maybe it does. So we’ll be on it. Unfortunately, that was a very difficult play to call for the official. Think about all the calls in the games these guys have to make in a flash of an instant. It happens every play. And sometimes they call them, sometimes they don’t, and in that case that call went that way. If you look at it full-speed and don’t use the benefit of stopping it and starting it and all that, it’s much different and much more difficult to assess. So I understand how it got called that way. I also understand the ruling of it and we better understand how we will help our guys. I don’t know that it’s going to happen for us, it’s been a long lifetime of football and I’ve never seen it before, but we’ll see.”

On Marcus Burley’s status: “He is going to get operated on tomorrow, and we’ll find out what that means. There’s a chance that it’s a very quick recovery, and so we’ll see how that goes. It depends on what happens in the surgery.”

On Burley’s injury: “Yeah, he broke his thumb.”

On Ricardo Lockette’s health: “Yeah, we think he’s okay. He had some issues, just internal issues. He felt sick or really uncomfortable and they just had to figure out what it was. He settled down by the end of the game and he seems to be fine now.”

On if Kam Chancellor has been able to simply get plugged back into the defense: “It sure looks like it doesn’t it. It sure looks like it. We’ve just played really good football, and the guys are starting to get that feeling. It takes time to develop and get that sense, but they really are starting to get that feeling. Now here we go with the best challenge in the NFL, so we’ll see what that all means. But up until this point the turnaround has been obvious and he’s been instrumental.”

On not having an interception yet this season: “Yeah, that eats at me. We’re extremely committed to getting the football and taking it away. But you’ve seen some games and some ways that people have thrown the ball at us to maintain their possession of it. We had a lot of quick throws last week from a very high-powered offense, and the week before they were very careful with the ball. So when you play here, we’ve taken the ball off people pretty consistently for years, so it’s a good way to try to nullify that factor. So I think it’s a combination of stuff, but they’re going to come in bunches now though. It’s going to happen.”

On the health of Demarcus Dobbs, Kevin Pierre-Louis, and Tharold Simon: “Dobbs has a chance. We’ll see with KPL how he does late in the week, he’s not ruled out yet. Tharold Simon is not going to make it right now. We’re still working with his injuries. It’s still been an issue for us and for him.”