Here is all that Kam Chancellor had to say during his meeting with the media Wednesday after ending his holdout.

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If you missed any of the press conference for Seattle strong safety Kam Chancellor earlier Wednesday, here is the transcript of what he had to say:

Opening comment: “I’m just happy to be back. Happy to be back playing football, happy to be back with the organization, with my team, with my teammates, my coaches, they were highly missed and it was hard to watch those games. You know I’m just ready to play football now.”

On why now was the time to return: “I think it was that time. I talked to a few guys, got some great words from people. I just feel like the time was now. I’ve always been a guy who followed my heart, and just watching my teammates and my team play week to week, first and second game, you know watching those losses it hurt me being the leader that I am. So I think the time is now to come back and put all business to the side, and address that after the season, and just get back to work.”

On what the biggest influences were for him to come back: “Well, you know, I always pray all the time. I pray all the time for answers, for healing, for everything, I’m a godly man. But you know guys like Ray Lewis, my teammates, I talk to my teammates all the time. So just hearing them talk all the time and how much they miss me, and vice versa, I think those things steered me to coming back.”

Kam Chancellor returns

On his conversation with Ray Lewis: “I can’t remember who reached out to who, but it was great conversation. We had great conversation.”

On if there was extra emotion coming in today: “Yeah, emotion to the point where I was happy, happy to be here seeing everybody smiling. Everybody welcomed me with open arms. It’s like I was never gone, like I never missed a beat, like we never missed a beat with each other. So it felt good just coming back and being around the guys, and actually going through walkthrough, going over the plays and making calls, it just felt good.”

On how hard it was to watch the first two games of the season: “It was very hard, because, not taking away from anybody else, but I know I could make a difference. So I mean it was very hard, and you know I’m just here now to move forward.”

On how he feels physically: “I feel good, thanks to my trainer, Kevin Allen, back home. He never lets me take a day off, so he always works me, so I feel good.”

On what he feels he accomplished by holding out: “You know those things, I’d rather deal with that at the end of the season. Right now it’s just about coming back and playing football. That’s where my main focal point is, that’s what got me here playing football and being the person I am. So I’m just sticking to being the person I am and playing football.”

On if he thinks he can play this Sunday: “I know I can play Sunday.”

On if it is a smooth transition coming back to play on Sunday with how well he knows this team: “Oh yeah, I mean I’ve been in the same defense for five years now, so it’s pretty much the same things, we never change. We run the same stuff all the time, so it’s like clockwork, it’s like taking a bicycle around again. It’s not very hard at all, little small terminology you have to kind of grab a grasp of when you get back. You hear guys saying like, okay that’s what it was, I remember now, now I won’t forget. I’m one of those guys who you tell me one time and I won’t forget, so it was a smooth transition.”

On what happened to get him to decide to hold out: “That was between me and business. Me not being here was between me and business. It had nothing to do with my teammates, nothing to do with what we had and what we created over the offseason. That was just between me and business, and I’d rather address that and handle that after the season when the time is permitted. But right now, it’s back to playing football.”

On his message to the fans: “You know people are going to make opinions when they don’t know your situation, they don’t know what exactly is going on. So I just, I forgive those who understand what’s going on and those who don’t understand what’s going on. Because if God can forgive, I can also. So I mean I’m just looking forward to playing in front of the 12s and hearing them roar.”

On if he has any fear of being rusty: “No fear at all, I’m a fearless man.”

On if there was something in the past day or two that compelled him to come back today: “It was more just watching my teammates playing in those games, and hearing the texts that they send me all the time, and talking to them daily. Those things kind of, I’m a big team guy, I’m a big brotherly guy, and when those dear to my heart, when I feel like they’re in danger, I just like to be who I am and be that leader.”

On when specifically he decided to come back: “Yesterday I prayed on it. Yesterday I prayed on it all night, and it just felt right, it felt right in my heart. Usually, when I feel like I’m doing something wrong, my heart trembles, like it doesn’t feel right, but everything felt perfect.”

On where he was yesterday: “Yesterday, I was in L.A.”

On when he came to Seattle: “Last night.”

On if he anticipates it being hard to move on from this and move into the season: “Not at all, I’m looking to move forward. Like I said, everybody addressed me with open arms, and it just feels right. So I mean you turn the page and you put business behind you, and it’s all about playing football now and getting wins.”

On if he overvalued his place on the team: “Did I overvalue my place? No, I didn’t overvalue my place. I just go out there and play ball. I just like to show people a hard worker, just like to show people hard work, a physical football player, someone who loves to play the game.”

On if he considered holding out the entire season: “It was a thought of mine, when it first came about and we were going over business. But like I said, my teammates, the organization, it just means a little more to me.”

On what he did while he was holding out: “I trained like crazy. I always stay prepared, always believe in staying ready, so you don’t have to get ready. So I trained like crazy, spent a lot of time with my family, something I never really get to do around this time, so it was a great thing to spend a lot of time with my family and my loved ones, and just train. Just train and get clarity.”

On contract negotiations after the season: “That’s something we’ll discuss.”

On how difficult it was to not let the holdout situation get personal: “You know we’re all human. We’re all human and things happen, but business is business. You’ve got to know how to distinguish the two and put one to the side and move forward.”

On how fresh he is to play: “I mean I wouldn’t know because I haven’t played a game, but I feel good, and, I believe that football is more mental than physical.”