Here is all that Seattle coach Pete Carroll had to say following Thursday night's preseason win over Oakland.

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Here is all that Seahawks’ head coach Pete Carroll had to say after the team’s preseason win over Oakland Thursday night.

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(Opening…) “This is a really good way to end up our preseason. Seeing these guys go out and all the young guys that played tonight, played so hard in the fashion that we hope they’re going to play and the way we love playing here at C-Link. It was really cool to watch it.   A lot of fun things happened. It seemed like hours and hours ago or maybe a couple days ago when Tyler Lockett catches the touchdown pass from Russell; a way long time ago. But it was a great play, and a great opportunity to see him make something happen again. He’s been a big factor in the preseason and we’re really excited about that. We planned to let the offense play a bit longer than that, but they scored quick so we got them out of there. It was a good night for us to watch the offensive line play. We ran the ball a lot tonight, and they got a ton of work, particularly the young guys, and we’ll be able to learn a lot from this film in that regard. To go a third game in a row without turning the football over is fantastic for us, we love to see that. It’s such a big deal to us, that takes everybody’s involvement across the board, special teams and everything. That’s a big, big deal to us.   That wins football games for you, that just puts you in a position to win when you play like that. All in all, it was a good finish.   Obviously, BJ had a great night tonight, it was a blast watching him. Everybody had fun watching him, and you saw that people didn’t want to go home, because they wanted to see what going to happen next. He ran the ball really well, and he threw the ball and managed the team really well, so it’s kind of what we’ve been waiting to see, and we finally broke him out, and we were really excited to see that happen. “

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(On the play of Tyler Lockett and Frank Clark…) “We’ve had very high hopes for them. There’s been no information that didn’t support that they were going to help us and do stuff for us. Everything we’ve seen has been that way. We came out of the draft with that stuff, and really there hasn’t been a step backwards. These guys have worked so hard, and been very active and very obvious that they can help.   You’re going to see Tyler playing and he’s going to be a big factor. Of course, we didn’t use him on returns tonight, but he’ll be a big factor for us.   And Frank really has a role to play for us and we’re still kind of carving it out.    He can make some things happen, so it was cool.”

(On the importance of Lockett and Clark playing well in all four preseason games… ) “They really did just that. Obviously, the amount of plays that he touched the ball and what he did when he had the ball in his hands was enormous. It just added to all of the information that we’ve been gathering. He’s as hard working of a guy as we have in the program. I’ve been extraordinarily impressed with his consistency and his work ethic. Just like the guys we love that are on our team. Frank has done everything we’ve asked him, he’s worked really hard, and been very flashy. He’s learned a lot and it doesn’t look like anything’s too big for him.   They’ve made great strides throughout. They’re going to definitely help us.”

(On having to make some tough decisions…)   “This is going to be very difficult to make these choices and figure it out. This is what we do. John will be lined up with his guys and ready to go and the coaches will do their part in it. There’s some good football players on this team that we might be able to keep.   I think it’s been a tremendously competitive camp and offseason for us and guys have showed well in a lot of areas, and this is the kind of depth and competition we’re trying to create throughout the depth chart, and it makes everybody better. We’ve had a very successful camp in that regard, and we’ve come out pretty healthy for the most part, and we’re ready for the season now. ”

(On what Kasen Williams showed…) “He continues to make big catches. We’ve seen it in practice as well. There’s no doubt that he can make plays. To me it’s really exciting because this is a kind when he was 16 or 17, you saw this stuff happen, and it didn’t quite come together like he had hoped in his college career, because he got banged up. I think that’s the only reason. After a serious injury, he’s come back and he’s done a nice job. ”

(On Kasen’s development on special teams… ) “He’s finding his way. He’s done some things for us.   Our receivers are so active on special teams, our guys are as active as any group in the NFL.   You have to be a special teams player as a receiver on our team, and so he’s trying to find his niche.”

(On the injury to Robert Turbin…) “It’s not very specific yet. It’s a legitimate ankle sprain, it shows up, all the indications are that he’s got one. It just depends on how he can respond. So we just have to wait and see on that.”

(On whether BJ Daniels’ versatility helps him compete for a wide receiver spot …) “You surely have to consider everything with that. That was a fantastic showing tonight. Honestly, Carl Smith has been saying the whole time that BJ would be able to do that for us if we put him in the game and let him play like that, and he was right. It was really clear that we’ve got a guy who’s a threat for us, if we can keep him on the team. ”

(On keeping some of the O-lineman in, was that to give them a little more work…) “Yes, just to give them work. They need time on the field..”

(On Hauschka’s attempt at a tackle…) “No. I saw his attempt at not making the tackle. When he saw the flag go down, and he saw the penalty, so he knew that the play was coming back. I thought that was an adept play [pause] of some sort that I can’t really explain in the game of football. It doesn’t fit. Hauschka had a great preseason; he had a fantastic preseason. He needs work on his tackling.”

(On the shoulder injury to Mohammed Seisay….) “He did. He had a dislocation out there. It was pretty severe.”

(On Dion Bailey’s hand…) “He has issues with it, but he’s making it through. He tapes it up and he can go.”

(On the timetable for Mike Morgan….) “We really won’t know until Thursday of next week to see where he is. He had a legitimate hamstring, that showed up on the MRI and all that. So we know that he has some tissue that has to respond. We’ll have to wait to see what happens.”

(On whether he has concerns about Dion Bailey’s ability to play with his hand issue…) “No. I have no concerns. He’s already done it, he’s been fine. He’s played some hard-nosed football for us. He’s done a nice job, he’s had a great camp.”

(On factoring in Kam Chancellor when deciding on the 53 man roster…) “Right now, nothing has changed in that situation, as we keep telling you. We have to go ahead with the guys we have. It’s like he’s hurt in the sense that he can’t play right now. We have to set our sights on getting guys ready, which is what we’ve been doing. It’s all we can do, with all due respect to everybody, the guys that are playing and getting our season ready.”

(On Chris Matthews today…) “I don’t think that Chris got the ball much.  We tried a number of times to get him active, it was his first time getting back, but it just didn’t happen; he didn’t get many chances. We really had it in mind that we wanted to, but it just didn’t work out. It’s great to have him back out there playing, though.”

(On the nice runs by both Rawls and Michael…) “Christine did a nice job early, he got on the edge a couple of times and really showed that burst that we love about him.   It was a really good night for Thomas, I think he had 80-something yards tonight, and that’s kind of the night we’ve been looking for, to see if he had a spark to him. I thought he did a really nice job for us, and Rod (Smith) continues to do well, too. It’s a nice competitive group right there.”

(On the occasional flash from T.Y. McGill…) “He has done exactly that, he has flash. He shows really good instincts. He doesn’t always play the scheme exactly right, but that will come in time. He has been flashy. He’s been in the backfield and made some big plays for us. He was there again tonight, so it’s something that you have to gauge what that means.   He’s been a little bit the beneficiary of taking some shots and getting in the backfield and making a play. But, it’s hard to get that done in the league, so that was impressive.“

(On the play of Jesse Williams…) “All things considered, it’s been a miraculous summer for him. To play football under these circumstances and the stress he’s had to deal with, and the uncertainty and all of that, Jesse had a terrific summer. He played good football for us.   He demonstrated fantastic resiliency to bounce back from all of the things he’s been through. Even in the last couple of weeks, to play so hard and so tough, I’m really, really proud of him. I thought he did a great job. He’s knocking on the door trying to make this club too, just like everyone else. He fought very gallantly to do that, and most people, I don’t know that they ever respond like he did. It was remarkable. ”

(On Frank Clark breaking through so fast that he was tackled by the O-line for a penalty….) “He really, really has a great suddenness to him, and he’s an instinctive football player that utilizes it.  He’s fitting in very well in the Michael Bennett role when he has those opportunities to penetrate and get in the backfield and all, and he did it The big play in the run game, and of course the great explosion off the edge on the big sack he had. We’ve seen that all throughout. Remember the first play of preseason, he made a tackle in the backfield, kind of in the same situation. He’s very naturally strong. He has great leg strength and hip strength that allows him to bust through stuff. He weighs 280 something; you think of him as a fast, lean guy, he’s got a lot of power to him, and it shows up. We’re really excited about what he’s done so far.”

(On the play of the defense in the first half, without any starters…) “The Raiders were playing their backup guys too, so it was a pretty even matchup. These guys have played really well throughout the camp, and they played really hard.  The thing I like most about what we’re seeing is everybody from top to bottom is playing really aggressive, tough, determined football and you can’t tell the difference in the play style whether the 1s or the 3s are out there. That’s something we’re proud of, and that’s good leadership by the guys in the locker room bringing their pups along, and getting them in the right frame of line and scheme-wise as well. It’s been a good summer for all of those guys.”

(On the nickel-back spot…) “It’s very competitive. It’s something where we’ve got good play from all of those guys. Burley’s done a nice job, Blackmon did a nice job, and Tye (Smith) did a nice job, too, when he’s had his chances. So, we’ll just have to figure out, and sort it out when we get together over the weekend. ”

(On Fred Jackson…) “It was an information gathering visit. He’s an incredible football player and person and been extremely productive. We’ll see what that means. We had a good visit with him. I really really like the kid, we all did. We’ll see what that means, I don’t know that answer right now. ”

(On the timetable for Seisay’s shoulder…) “I don’t know that, it’s too early. I don’t know.”

(On any other injuries…)   “No, we got out really clean. A couple of bumps and bruises, but nothing at all to even report, so we’re very, very fortunate. It’s a marvelous time for us to be able to say that. We went into this game very healthy; just a few guys that were missing.      You saw that we held a number of guys out, so that just means they’ll be that much better off for next week. So, it really went very well for us.   We’re very fortunate in that regard.”

(On Tarvaris Jackson…)   “Tarvaris threw the ball in pre-practice really well, and moved around OK. We have the next few days off, we have a bunch of days off, he’s going to be in good shape and ready to go, I think. We’ll have him available to us for the opener.”