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Seattle invested a lot to get Tyler Lockett in the third round, trading fourth, fifth and sixth-round picks (including those acquired for Percy Harvin and Jimmy Graham) to Washington to move up and get him.

Through two days of rookie mini-camp, though, Lockett has looked the part, making a variety of plays.

After Saturday’s practice, he talked to the media about his first few days as a Seahawk, and more:

On the first two days of rookie minicamp: “I think the first two days have been phenomenal. I think it’s a lot different than Kansas St. just because of the tempo. At Kansas State, we had long practices but we weren’t really as fast as we are here at the Seahawks. I think it took me a day to get used to it and the second day I was able to fly around and stuff like that. It’s a lot different than college football, but at the same time, it’s always about competing and it’s fun and to be able to have people out here who are fighting for a job, that’s all you could really ask for so I think we’ve been doing a great job these first two days.”

On what his dad and uncle’s last advice was to him before coming to camp: “Like I’ve been saying, just treat it the same – it’s football at the end of the day, regardless. Don’t look at it as you have a spot that’s been given to you. Come in and fight for a spot. You always want to be able to compete because at the end of the day, if you don’t compete, you lose your spot. You get cut nowadays. It’s not like you lose your spot like it was in college football. That’s the same thing my mom was just saying – go out there, relax, be comfortable and do what you do. That’s exactly why they picked you, they wanted you to do what you do and that’s what you do best.”

On working at receiver and returner: “Yes sir, I’ve been doing both and I’ve been trying to do the best that I can to be able to put myself in the position to compete for a spot.”

On Seattle moving up to pick him and the faith they have in him as a returner: “Yeah, I always wanted to go to a team that believed in me, a team that wanted me and didn’t want to just get me because I was the next-best on their board. Obviously, they said they have plans for me but I have to live up to that. No spot is given to you so that’s why I try to come in here with the mentality of fight for whatever you can get, always compete and at the end of the day, whatever happens is going to happen.”