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Here is some video, and some transcribed quotes, of what Seattle coach Pete Carroll had to say today following the first OTA:

Opening statement: “First off, we had some devastating news over the weekend with some of our players with losses in their family and our hearts go out to Cliff Avril and his family and Jimmy Graham and all of his people. Devastating losses and we send our heart and prayers to those guys. Obviously, they’re going to take some time taking care of the family business right now. Mo Kelly, vice president of player engagement, and Russell [Wilson] jumped on a plane last night to make sure that they could be there and just show support as well and just do the best we can. We know that there’s really nothing we can do but we’re trying to show the love and see if we can help out in any way. So we’d just like to respect that rightfully and all that.

“With that, today we started OTAs, we had a terrific day out here. Guys were fired up to get out here and run around. The tempo was really good. The attitude was great. We got a lot done. We made a big effort the last couple weeks here to understand better – we can all get better – about the OTA tempo and all that we’ve had some issues with in the past. We had Jon Ferrari from the league office come out last week and spend time with our coaches and show the league film and instructional film that we use for the players and we tried to get our tempo right and I thought we did a great job today and we’re off to a great start. That’s just one day, but we want to do this exactly the way it’s supposed to be done. You know, we push sometimes and we practice so hard here that we missed the tempo a couple times so I’m glad that we’ve got off to that kind of start – guys have really took to the lessons of it and had a really exciting day. So we’re off and running.”

On Kam Chancellor talking about guys working harder after the Super Bowl loss this offseason and if he sees that too: “I feel it too. I felt it right since the first days that the guys came back. Each year we challenge ourselves to put together the best offseason we can put together. It starts with the individual and then the guys bring that to their position groups and then to the team. We’ve had no exception to that. We’ve had great work and the attitude has been on it. That’s all we could ask for. It’s been five weeks now coming to this point and you see the result today. We went out and practiced and ran around and guys knew what they’re doing and flying around, communicating well and we’re off and running. It’s exactly the kind of tempo we anticipate seeing if we’re on it. So that’s a credit to all the work these guys have put forth so far.”

On how defensive coordinator Kris Richard is settling in: “Well I’m pretty pumped up about the job Kris has done so far. He’s felt very comfortable with the transition, he’s been very strong with his thoughts and his addition to always moving ahead and trying to get better. I think he and Rocky [Seto] are a great team. These guys have been together a really long time and they see eye to eye on everything and I think they’re giving great leadership to the defensive side where we’ve obviously lost some leaders over the years – past coordinators. They’ve really jumped at the cause. It’s been fun to watch. Guys are flying around and I expect nothing but us getting better.”

On what challenges Richard faces coming from being a position coach: “Yeah, that’s a good question because you just assume that you just take over but it’s entirely different when you step in front of the whole group and now it’s your turn to set the tempo and critique for the entire body of guys. You’re talking all position groups every day. He’s got meetings every day and he’s in front and he’s got to do it. It’s a challenge because you don’t know how guys are going to handle it. You think they’ll do well and Kris and I and Rocky worked together a lot this offseason to make sure that messaging was clear and they’re real solid in how they want to go about this, but you’ve still got to go do it. I’ve been in a bunch of Kris’ meetings and he’s hit it with his feet running and we’re off to a great start. I’m really excited about the transition. Obviously we lost a great coach, but I think we’ve put some guys in position to do a fantastic job now.”

On what he’s seen out of Cary Williams:“Cary’s doing everything. He looks very much the part of the kinds of play that we anticipated on his first day against somebody today but still, he gets it, he’s smart, he’s really dedicated, he hasn’t missed a trick. He’s been on everything. He’s assuming the responsibility of trying to take over that position on a defense that he seems to be proud to be part of too. We’re off to a really good start. It’s early and all that but I anticipate he’s going to play like we saw on film, if not better. That would be good enough to help us play winning football.”

On Earl Thomas’ timeline and any other players that had offseason surgery: “Yeah, Earl is to get ready for camp – that’s really the idea here. We have three and a half weeks here before we’re done. He looks great – they’re really fired up about his return and the rehab work he’s done already. So it looks like it should be no problem. We’ll have to wait and see once he gets back out there.”

On Brandon Mebane: “Brandon [Mebane] is doing great. He’s running all over the place. I don’t see why he can’t make it back for camp. The trainers have been thrilled about his work regimen. I think he’s having the best offseason he’s had. We’ve seen so much of him and so much running that he’s running around like a DB out here. Not exactly. I’ll take that back. But he’s doing great.”

On Robert Turbin: “Turbo’s got a really good regimen going up north and just kind of like the way it’s going. He’ll be ready for camp as well. Hopefully we’ll see him in the next couple of weeks sometime here so we can check up on him but all reports are great and he’s had a very successful surgery and recovery so far so we’re pleased about that.”

On Jeremy Lane: “Jeremy Lane has had another concern come up in his arm and they’re going to stay with it. His knee’s doing great. His arm is going to take a little longer than we thought to heal so there’s some stuff they’re doing to take care of him but he should be ready for camp. That’s the thought.”

On Paul Richardson: “Paul could make it back for camp but we’ll be careful there. We just want to make sure that we get him back. Same with Jeremy. Paul has a little advantage over him – he’s been through it before so we’ll see if that helps. But we just have to see how the guys progress through the workload as it increases.”

On Jesse Williams, who will have surgery Thursday: “His attitude is good. It’s been a hard couple of weeks since he got the news but now that it is coming to gametime, he is ready to go and talking about bouncing back quickly and getting back on his feet and going again. I wouldn’t expect any less of Jesse. He’s a battler all the way. He’s been up against it, too. He’s fought some difficult fights (Williams has missed the last two seasons with knee injuries) and he’s fighting another one, and maybe the fight of a young man’s life. We’ll be there with him and hope to pull him through.”