A new poll shows really high favorability ratings for a number of key Seahawks. But the decision to pass at the end of the Super Bowl? Most Washingtonians say the team should have run the ball.

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That the Seahawks and some of their star players are really popular among residents of the state of Washington should come as no surprise.

Nor should the fact that the team’s decision to pass the ball at the end of the Super Bowl remains highly questioned.

Still, the results from some recent polls from PublicPolicyPolling.com reveal just how popular some of the Seahawks are.

To wit, 89 percent of the 879 registered voters who were polled say they think coach Pete Carroll is “doing a good job.” Only four percent disapprove (voters were polled May 14-17).

Quarterback Russell Wilson has a favorability rating of 92 percent with just one percent disapproving, the highest of any Seahawk, though Richard Sherman (86 favorable, 3 unfavorable) and Marshawn Lynch (80/6) are close on his tracks.

Meanwhile, 67 percent of Seahawks fans think the team should have run the ball on the final play compared to 13 percent who supported the decision to pass (with 20 percent unsure — maybe they wanted a drop kick?)

Also to no surprise, the Seahawks are the most popular pro team in the state with 70 percent of those polled saying they identify themselves as Seahawks fans compared to 54 percent for the Mariners and 30 percent for the Sounders. As for college teams, 39 percent say they are a fan of the Huskies compared to 26 percent who are fans of WSU.

The 24 pages of results released by PPP also broke down some of the numbers by demographic.

The most interesting may involve Lynch’s favorability ratings. Those identifying themselves as Hispanic gave Lynch an 89 percent favorability rating and those identifying themselves as white gave him an 81 percent favorability rating. However, African-Americans gave Lynch only a 47 percent. Lynch’s unfavorable ratings were 6 percent among Hispanics, 5 percent among whites and 26 percent among African-Americans (Sherman, by contrast, had consistent numbers across the board — 92 Hispanic, 85 white, 100 percent African-American, as did Wilson (97, 92, 100). (And by the way, the only categories Wilson had unfavorable ratings were 2 percent among Hispanics, 1 percent from women).

Age showed no significant difference in popularity among Seahawks players. Lynch, for instance, has the same 81 percent favorability rating among those age 18-29 as he does those age 65-over (his highest is 87 percent among those 30-45 and lowest 76 percent among those 46-65).

As for the decision to pass at the end of the Super Bowl, 80 percent of those who called themselves very liberal said the team should have run the ball compared to 65 percent who said they are very conservative. Sixty-two percent of women said the Seahawks should have run compared to 73 percent of men

The company said the survey has a margin of error of plus/inus-3.3 percent and that 80 percent of the interviews were conducted over the phone and 20 percent over the internet to reach those who do not have landlines.

You can access all the results here.