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Following the Seahawks’ 26-0 win over Chicago in their home opener, Pete Carroll (above) opened his postgame comments, saying: “We really had a lot of fun playing football and giving the fans some stuff to have some fun with. It took us awhile. A lot of really good things happened for us. It’s so hard to hold somebody to no points, that’s a fantastic job by our defense today and I’m really proud of those guys and they had a lot of fun with it and all.”

The Seahawks improved to 1-2.


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(Opening…) “That was a really good day here at CenturyLink for us. We really had a lot of fun playing football and giving the fans some stuff to have some fun with. It took us a while. A lot of really good things happened for us. It’s so hard in this league to hold somebody to no points, that’s a fantastic job by our defense today, and I’m really proud of those guys and they had a lot of fun with it and all. Kris Richard and the defensive staff are all jacked up, like they should be, and the players were for them too, because it was the first time ever for those guys. The way we played the game today, we took care of the football all day long. We just kind of waited it out until we got going. The first half really got screwed up because of the third and shorts that we didn’t convert. Normally we’re really good there, and we didn’t get them, so we lose all those third down opps, I think we were oh-for-six in the first half. Once we started getting our third downs in the second half, and running, then everything worked out really well. It’s a good day’s work for us, a good hard-nosed day for us. A really good day on special teams, to get the big returns; Sherm’s big return and then also Tyler Lockett’s. Just a beautifully blocked play by the whole group, he didn’t even get touched on the play. Of course, he had to run 105 and all, but those guys blocked perfectly on the play, and everybody is really excited to see that. We know we have a great weapon in him. We just hope we’ll continue to be able to find ways to spring him and be a factor. I thought it was really great to see Thomas Rawls get going, he had 100 yards today. He ran really hard and really tough and gave us a real kind of personality about the way we like to run the football. He comes downhill at you. It’s what we’ve been seeing, what we were excited about when we hooked him up a while back. Really didn’t get a good feel in the preseason, but today it was really evident that he could be a factor and help us out. A big day for Jimmy and Russell to hook up. Jimmy looked great. Now that you look at it, he has 5 in the first game, with a touchdown, he had 7 or something and a touchdown today. Ok, there was one in the middle there that we didn’t like. I think we have a real chance to make this a big factor for us and it’s so cool for the fans to see what he can do and see the big guy run and catch and make those plays and come through, and all that. It’s real exciting that that really showed up. All in all it’s a very good day for us, we’re excited to get home and get rolling. We have a Monday Nighter coming up and we’ll try to take full advantage of that, and bring it back home. I know they’ll be jacked up again, it was great to be a CenturyLink today.“

(On Sherman’s 64 yard punt return…) “That’s a good job by Brian and the guys on the special teams staff. They saw an opportunity there, and thought we could get something, and we did. That’s all you get.”

(On Lockett’s 105 yard kickoff return… ) “I thought it was really good because I saw the whole thing. [laughter] You notice I stepped back just at the right time and made sure I was out of the way. It’s like when you’ve been there before, you kind of do a little better the next time. It was so perfectly blocked, and it was so clean, he came right at our side. As soon as he gets in one of those chances where he has the opportunity to outrun somebody, you feel like he’s going to do it. Again, he certainly did. Just a great boost. It’s something; we’re counting on him being a factor. I think it’s exactly what we had hoped to see, and to see his factor show up so soon this season is really enormous for us.”

(On the limited play today from Marshawn Lynch…) “He had a hard time getting loose today. We left him in to keep getting ready. He has a sequence he goes through to get ready to go. It’s happened before, where he just can’t get in rhythm and get right and all that. He had a calf during the week, and his hamstring kind of bothered him a little today. He just couldn’t get ready. He tried to get out there, and did a little bit of running and all, but couldn’t answer it in the second half.”

(On how long Lynch might be out…) “I don’t know.”

(On how significant the hamstring injury was… ) “We’ve checked it all out, and there is nothing to be alarmed by, so we’ll just have to wait and see.”

(On the seriousness of Brandon Mebane’s injury…) “I don’t know that yet, but he did have an issue with it, so we’ll just have to wait and see.”

(On his impressions of Chancellor’s play …) “He did fine. It was great that we had a chance to pull him in the fourth quarter, that was kind of fun. I talked to him all throughout the game, he really felt comfortable and felt like he was not gassed or anything. He was having fun playing ball and there was a lot of three and outs it really helped him to stay out there. He’s really important to us. He factored in many ways again today, and it was great to have him out there. I loved that the fans responded as they did. He played good tough football all day long. Play after play, I don’t know, but just to have him on the field and that personality and attitude that he brings is really special.”

(On getting the offense going in the third quarter…) “This one went back to third downs; we weren’t converting. We go 0-for-6 in the first half, and you just don’t get the rhythm. As soon as that started happening, we were fine. It’s not smooth yet, it’s not how we want it to be, but it’s a work in progress, and we know we have a lot of plays we can get and playmakers out there. Some terrific throwing and catching today. Russell did a really nice job. Unfortunately, we got rushed more than we thought we would, we thought we’d be better that that going in. They did a nice job heating it up, so we’ll see what those issues are.”

(On the difference in the running game between the first and second half…) “We really did come out throwing the football in the first half. It’s just the way it goes. If you don’t convert and you don’t get your chances, and you don’t get the first and second downs to mix your stuff in so we didn’t get the opportunities. As soon as we got going, we were fine. It’s not a first-half, second-half thing in terms of running the ball as it was about converting. You love third and ones and twos, we were great at it last year, we didn’t convert today. So, it messed up the half a little bit.”

(On how much impact did Chancellor have on the defense….) “He did have an impact. We could feel it during the week. The guys were excited to play with him again, and he was really excited to be back and to play with his teammates. We talked throughout the game and throughout the week, too, on the back and forth of what it felt like. He was very comfortable, and they were very comfortable with him coming back. You can just see that he made us whole, kind of. He’s a terrific football player, and he had a special impact, and what more can you do. We shut them out, and we’re really happy about that.”

(On whether he knew that Rawls would get that many carries with Lynch out…) “Yeah, I did know that. The idea was that I’ve been looking forward to using Thomas. We’ve talked about this. The way he ran today was exactly the way we had seen him in college. Very aggressive, very downhill, really stomping those feet and running at people, and showed the ability to make people miss. Today, he was 16 carries for 100-something yards, that’s a fantastic day for this kid. The guys were really fired up for him. He’s a fantastic competitor, tough guy, everybody loves everything about him, and he got his chance and he came through. No, I didn’t know, but we’ve been looking for the chance to really see how he would do, and this was a great opp for him. ”

(On the touchdown pass to Jimmy Graham….) “It was a third down conversion opportunity, and we felt they pressured. I thought it was a one-on-one situation coming across the middle, and he beat the one-on-one and was wide open for the throw. But, the finish of the play was really cool. He got out of the tackle and bounced off a guy and knocked it in the end zone. That’s playmaking. That’s a special play right there. It’s great to see him part of it. We had some other chances today, too. You don’t realize it, but they have some really good opps to get him the ball, too, and they didn’t quite happen. All in all, that was a really exciting play. It was really good to see him come through on third down and put us in the zone, too.”

(On the offensive line play…) “I need to look at the film. Give me a chance and we’ll talk about that when I come back. I need to see the film to know.”

(On the play of Frank Clark…) “We tried to play him a lot more. I think he played 18-19 plays the first couple games, and I wanted to see if we could double that. I don’t know if we made it, but just wanted him on the field and see what would happen if he played 30-40 plays. Again, I don’t know how many he got, but that was part of the plan today.”

(On why Luke Willson didn’t play…) “Luke had back spasms that came up late in the week. He could have played, he did a good job. Luke is an amazing healer, he got back to play. But, I thought if we could hold him out and get out of this game, he’d be better for next week, and we’d be back to having Luke out there. He was really upset, he wanted to play so bad because he did make it back, but that’s when Cooper jumped in and played a good football game for us. You also saw Will Tukuafu in there as well. That’s an exciting move for us to get Will helping us in the tight end spot, as well as the fullback spot. It gives us some nice flexibility there. ”

(On whether Helfet was OK…) “I think he did get his ankle rolled up a little bit, but they reported he should be OK.”

(On Lynch still trying to get loose in the first quarter…) “He was still going through the process of getting comfortable and getting ready to go and he just couldn’t quite make it at the start. Again, this has happened a number of times in the past. So, that was OK.“

(On Kris Richard getting a Gatorade bath…) “What I loved about that was the way they responded toward him. They’re really excited about him leading this defense, and he’s done a fantastic job of taking over, in as difficult circumstances as you can get. This defense has been pretty heralded for awhile, and the guys leave, and he has to do his thing. They love the guy, and they responded in like manner and everybody was real excited about that, so it was a good moment.”

Quarterback Russell Wilson completed 20 of 30 passes for 235 yards and a touchdown.

(Opening…) “I like winning. It feels good to win.“

(On getting the offense going…) “It was a fantastic win with a great crowd, coming back home in front of the 12s. It couldn’t be any more fun. We made a lot of great plays, especially in the second half. The defense was lights out the whole day. They made a lot of big plays. Tyler Lockett’s kickoff return was pretty special. He’s a special, special player. Jimmy Graham had a great game tonight. He’s one of the best tight ends to ever play the game, and he shows up every time. Also seeing Jermaine Kearse make a lot of catches, too. It was a fun game to play in.”

(On what causes the offense to pick up steam in the third quarter… ) “I just think that we played with a sense of urgency. We realized that we had to make plays and we’ve played some tough, tough game. The first 3 games have been tough and it’s been a battle, but it’s something that we’re looking forward to. Obviously, you want to start fast, the key is finishing strong. The key is finding a way to win the game, and that’s what we were able to do tonight.”

(On what the no-huddle scheme does…) “We picked up the tempo a little bit, we made some plays, and then we kept the ball moving, guys made some big-time catches and we got the ball moving, especially right before the half had ended. Jimmy made some great catches, Kearse made a couple nice catches on that drive. We got the tempo going a little bit, and then going into halftime we came back, and Tyler has the kickoff return, so that got the momentum rolling, and then the defense makes a stop, and we find ways to score later in the game. The other thing is, we were struggling a little bit on third down; third down and short. They had a great defense, they made some really nice plays. That was something we had to battle the whole game. Then, in the second half we were kind of lights out in the third downs, so that was key.”

(On why the offense is better with a faster tempo…)
“It’s too early to tell. I think that our offense has always been great in the past three/four years in the no huddle offense. We also do a great job with time of possession. That’s won us a lot of games as well. I love the fact that we can mix it up and cause problems on the defense. So many guys coming in and out of the game today, which is a lot of fun to play with and a lot of guys making play. The key is when we’re in no-huddle and up-tempo, we just have to make the plays and we have to stay on schedule, and that’s what we’ve been able to do.”

(On the touchdown to Graham…) “I just kind of went across the board. We had Doug on a flat, which I thought would have him to, I thought I could have thrown it to him, but it was third and short and it seemed like guys were kind of blitzing and crossing the face, so I kind of waited on it a little bit, because I knew I was going to have some drive guys coming across the middle, and then Jimmy, he ran a nice in route. Kind of gave the guy a little juke move at the top of the route, and came across the middle and caught the ball and was very physical to the end zone and that’s what we’re looking for. There were so many guys that made plays, it was a lot of fun.”

(On whether that route requires patience…) “You just have to be patient for it. The line did a phenomenal job, they gave me enough time on that play. They blocked it up perfect. That’s really the key to it all in making those kind of plays, and I thought they did a great job on that, for sure.”

(On having Kam Chancellor back today…) “To have Kam Chancellor back out there, first of all, he’s one of the best players in the National Football League, he’s a guy that’s determined to be successful in everything that he does. He’s a great, great teammate, great leader. He’s also a great man, as well, so to have all those things that he is, the character that he is as a person, to have him back in the locker room, it just elevates the locker room that much more. Just to have a player like that, it makes it a lot more exciting, and more fun and we have so many great players on this football team, so to add a guy, to have him come back was exciting. We had an exciting week all week and he played a great game, it seemed like. The goal is to keep going, to have Bam-Bam Kam come back, and to have the Legion of Boom full, it’s pretty cool.”

(On Thomas Rawls stepping in…) “Anytime you don’t have Marshawn, it’s tough. Thomas Rawls is lights out. He ran the ball physical, he made a lot of plays, he had some cutbacks. Honestly, what makes him special in terms of running back, is that he works at it every day. So, you’re not surprised that he just made some plays, because he’s phenomenal in practice. He goes hard every time. Hustles to the end zone, so you respect that and love that about him. He’s got a lot of grit to him, so it was cool to watch him play.”

(On what caused the offensive struggles in the first half….) “Just simple things. We didn’t convert on third downs. When you don’t convert on third downs, it ends drives. That’s all it was. We were able to do that in the second half.”

(On whether the game plan with Jimmy Graham was any different than last week…) “They were no different. The game plan is to throw the ball to the right guy at the right time, and have a successful play, and move on to the next one. Obviously, he’s a spectacular player, he showed up a lot today. That was a lot of fun. He brings a certain energy to the game, too, which is cool to play with. The first game, I think he caught six or seven balls, most of them in the second half, but we were struggling a little bit in the first half. In the Green Bay game, we were looking for him, we had a couple plays set up for him, but we got a couple penalties on those. Just stay the course. Just, with everybody. We’re going to continue to grow, we’re going to continue to rise, and that’s the goal. Every week get better, it’s as simple as that. So, we’re looking forward to what’s next.”

(On what Graham does to defenses….) “First off, he’s a 6’7” target, and he runs a 4.5, he’s got great hands, he’s a guy that knows what he’s doing. So, to have a guy like Jimmy Graham all over the field, it’s tough for the defense and they have to find what they’re going to do. Then, we have so many other great players, Doug Baldwin, Jermaine Kearse making a lot of catches, Chris Matthews, Ricardo Lockette, Tyler Lockett, you saw him tonight. You have the other tight ends, too, Cooper Helfet, Luke Willson. You have the running backs. The guys that we have, it’s challenging for defenses. The goal is to just continue to grow.”

(On whether Graham tells him that it doesn’t matter if he’s covered….) “We always talk about that. That’s the philosophy, the mindset, to play with.”

(On the keys to a successful offense…) “The key is not turning the ball over, staying on schedule. That gives you a great chance, especially when the defense is playing as good as they did today. The goal is to score a lot of points, and not give them the ball, and that’s what we were able to do tonight.”

“Thank you guys. Go ‘Hawks.”