Excerpts from a Perkins Township police report describing an alleged domestic-violence incident between Frank Clark and his then-girlfriend, Diamond Hurt, at a Sandusky, Ohio, hotel on Nov. 15, 2014.

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Officer Martin Curran arrived at the hotel shortly after 10:30 p.m. and found Clark outside the building, followed by a hotel maintenance worker.

I asked Mr. Clark what was going on and he stated “not much, a disturbance,” and stated “you can call it what you want.” … He stated, “… I didn’t touch that woman, she is a woman.”

Hotel employee Stephanie Burkhart described to Curran the initial report of a disturbance:

Ms. Burkhart advised the front desk received a phone call from the guest staying in room 3200 stating it sounded like a head was being bounced off the wall. Ms. Burkhart stated the guest also told her that small children ran from room 3202 to their room and stated “Frank is killing our sister.”

In the couple’s hotel room, Curran interviewed Hurt’s two brothers, including a teenager who said he had been in the shower in the same room as Hurt and Clark:

He advised his younger brother came into the bathroom and told him Frank was hitting Diamond. He advised he came out of the shower and observed Frank punching Diamond.

I asked [the younger brother] what he observed and he advised he saw Frank hitting his sister.

[The older brother] stated when he came out of the shower, Frank had his sister up against the wall. He advised his sister was trying to fight back and Frank grabbed her by the throat, picked her up off the ground, and slammed her to the ground while also landing on top of her.

Curran then spoke with Diamond Hurt:

… she refused to be transported to the hospital. I asked Diamond if she was sure she wanted to refuse and I pointed out how large the welt on her face was. I also pointed out the blood on the side of her face and she advised that was Frank’s blood while wiping it away. After she wiped the blood away, I observed red marks on the side of her face.

I asked Diamond to tell me what occurred tonight. She advised Frank and her were on the bed and began to argue. She stated she has been short tempered, she got mad, and she threw the T.V. remote at him. She advised Frank tried restraining her on the bed and that is when she bit his nose. She advised he then pushed her head down into the bed and then they both got off the bed. She advised Frank then punched her in the face and she fell back breaking the lamp. She stated she then threw an alarm clock at him and he was trying to gather his belongings to leave. I asked if Frank had been drinking tonight and she stated yes. I asked her how much and she stated she did not know. [Her teenaged brother] then stated at least a fifth of Hennessy.

Diamond was asked about the marks on her neck and she stated they must be from when Frank grabbed her by the shirt … She stated she was also wearing a necklace with a pendant. The pendant was found in the bed and the necklace was found on the floor, to the right of the bed.

I asked Diamond if she wanted to pursue a criminal charge of domestic violence against Frank and she stated she did not. She advised with what Frank has going on, she didn’t want him arrested.

Back at the police station, Curran spoke with Clark in the holding cell.

I read and explained his domestic charge to him and Mr. Clark stated he did not touch Diamond and that her family was taking her side because they were family. I showed him a photograph of Diamond’s face and he stated she received that injury by falling. It should be noted Mr. Clark had a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating from his breath while in the holding cell.

[Officer Brent] Adams had contacted Judge O’Brien about the matter and he advised to no bond Mr. Clark. [Officer] Bauman transported Mr. Clark to the Erie County Jail for incarceration.