Looking for a good listen during this time of self-isolation? The Seahawks’ Pete Carroll and the Golden State Warriors’ Steve Kerr have you covered.

The two championship coaches have teamed up with The Ringer to host a series of podcasts called “Flying Coach,” in order to raise money for coronavirus relief efforts.

The podcast, which debuted Monday, will cover a variety of topics and will have other coaches on for guest appearances.

The Ringer has donated $100,000 to The Seahawks Charitable Foundation and another $100,000 to the Warriors Community Foundation. Kerr and Carroll are using the platform to raise additional funds.

“They wanted to do this. They wanted to raise money. They wanted to raise awareness,” The Ringer CEO and founder Bill Simmons said on his podcast Sunday night.

“The most shocking thing for us was it turned out Pete handled the technology better than Steve,” Simmons joked about Carroll, 68, and Kerr, 54. “Pete nailed it, Steve struggled.”


On the first episode, the coaches discussed their formative coaching years, mentors and their philosophies as leaders.

The two also reflected on a visit Kerr made to Seahawks training camp for three days in 2014. Carroll’s Seahawks were coming off a Super Bowl win, and Kerr had just been named coach of the Warriors after leaving his job as a broadcaster.

“You may have come in to see what you could pick up from us, but I had you in there to see what I could pick up from you,” Carroll said.

The coaches reflected on who inspired them and how they developed their philosophies over the years. But what Kerr remembered most from the meeting — aside from getting to shoot hoops in the team facility or sitting in the huddle with Russell Wilson — was a question from Carroll: “How are you going to coach your team?”

Kerr thought he was talking about X’s and O’s, but Carroll was getting at something deeper.

“The more I looked back on the people who had impressed me over the years, I had major influence from guys like Bud Grant when I was at Minnesota for those five years and Monte Kiffin, a guy who I had coached with for years,” Carroll said of his mentors. “It was these unique people, and they had their way and their style.”

“I wanted you to think about who are you as a coach. What are you all about? Where are you coming from? What are your uncompromising principles? What are you gonna stand by? What do you stand for?”

The next episode is expected to be released this week.