Former Seahawk Percy Harvin expanded on previous comments about issues he had in Seattle with Doug Baldwin and Golden Tate in a story published this weekend by the Buffalo News.

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If you thought Percy Harvin had said all he wanted to about his Seattle tenure, think again.

Harvin came out, uh, swinging once more in comments made for a story published this weekend in the Buffalo News, where he now plays for the Bills.

Specifically, Harvin says Doug Baldwin and Golden Tate were jealous of the attention that greeted his arrival and never accepted him to the team.

“It was a constant thing,” Harvin said. “It was something that got under my skin. I felt like they were acting like kids.”

Harvin also is quoted as saying: “We all played the same position. So me coming in took reps from them. They wanted to show they were already established having made it to the NFC Championship the year before I got there. So they kind of had the approach of, ‘We don’t need anybody else. We’re established.’ ”

The story quotes Harvin as saying “exactly, exactly” when asked if he sensed insecurity among the Seattle receivers.

“I said, ‘I understand the message you’re trying to get out but I’m your teammate. If you don’t want to talk about me at all, just say ‘Hey, we’re a great offense. We’re glad to have him back,’ ” Harvin is quoted as saying. “But every time, it seemed like they were hell-bent on saying, ‘We’re going to be this, whether he’s here or not.’ And it just kind of started rubbing me wrong because those guys, I felt, were my teammates, my brothers. I was like, ‘Whoa, buddy, I’m your teammate! Let’s get it together and let’s go out there and kill people. If you all were already doing this, imagine what we could do with me in there!’ But I just kept getting, ‘If he comes back, he comes back. If not, we’re good without him.’ Finally, I wanted to say something.”

As for his reported fight with Baldwin, Harvin says: “Everybody calls him, ‘Tough Doug’ or ‘Angry Doug.’ That was one of the times, he tried to use me to show he was a tough guy. I tried to walk away and he came back. It got messy. And I think what happened was the best for me.”

Harvin made some similar, if not as detailed, comments about his Seattle days in an interview with ESPN two weeks ago.

Asked his reaction the next day to what Harvin said, Baldwin said: “Honestly, I didn’t know he felt that way. I thought we had squashed it before he left. I’ve got no hard feelings for him. I wish him the best in Buffalo.”

Asked if he had had meetings with Harvin after the fight to patch things up, Baldwin said: “We had a meeting basically saying that we were going to become closer, watch out for each other and make sure that everybody was doing what they were supposed to do in terms of being great teammates. And that’s really all that it took to make sure that we were being great teammates to each other. Like I said, we thought everything was fine. But sometimes it’s not.’’

Baldwin let it rest there. Harvin didn’t. We’ll see if that changes Baldwin’s tenor the next time he’s asked about it.