Last week's Paper Hawk was, unfortunately, a repeat. This week we give you someone completely new. Get your Steven Hauschka paper doll in Friday's newspaper.

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Yes, we know: Last week’s Paper Hawk was cornerback Richard Sherman, and we’d done Sherman before. This time around, the latest Seattle Seahawks paper doll is someone new.

We swear.

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So far this season, we’ve also given you tight end Jimmy Graham and wide receiver Tyler Lockett. Next up is someone our readers have been asking for for months, if not years.

Here’s a hint: His name is spelled differently than you see on the stat sheets, but since college he has decided to just roll with it.

Update: It’s kicker Steven Hauschka!

You can print out your Hauschka doll using the PDFs below.

For printing on 8.5×11 paper

For printing on 11×17 paper

As always, you can post photos of your Paper Hawks using our handy-dandy tools below.

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