First impressions from the Seahawks' 31-24 divisional playoff loss to the Carolina Panthers on Sunday in Charlotte, N.C.

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First impressions from the Seahawks’ 31-24 divisional playoff loss to the Carolina Panthers on Sunday:

Larry Stone:  The Seahawks were not only dominated, but humiliated in the first half. They salvaged their pride in the second half, but the hole they dug was just too deep to recover from. The Seahawks will be kicking themselves all offseason wondering why they didn’t come out stronger.


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Matt Calkins: As epic as that comeback was, it makes the pain of the loss all the more acute. The Seahawks will leave Carolina knowing they could have won.

Bob Condotta: We saw the importance of the home field advantage — and the cost of those early games the Seahawks let get away. The Panthers came out carrying an insane amount of emotion and energy, and Seattle was down 14-0 before it knew what hit it — and that was basically the ballgame.

Jayson Jenks: The Seahawks still haven’t lost a game by more than 10 points since Oct. 30, 2011, and though that’s no consolation (or excuse) for how they lost, it does show how hard they are to put away. But the Seahawks made too many mistakes and played too poorly in the first half to close out their furious comeback.