Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson said Thursday he feels great despite taking what was officially credited as 13 hits last Sunday against the Rams. And he said swimming regularly during the week helps his body recover.

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Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson endured a season-high 13 hits on Sunday from the St. Louis Rams, a few undoubtedly sending nervous tremors through CenturyLink Field.

But as he has always done, Wilson got up after each one — he has yet to miss a snap as an NFL player for injury reasons.

And when he met the media for his weekly press conference Thursday, Wilson pronounced himself healthy as ever.

“The past six, seven weeks (before the Rams’ game) I really haven’t gotten hit that much,’’ he said. “So I feel really good, honestly. I feel great going into this week. I will be ready.’’

Wilson revealed that one aspect of his in-season conditioning program that he thinks helps his recovery from the punishment of a game is swimming.

Wilson said he swims three times a week or so, trying to do about 30 laps each time.

“I get up early in the mornings and I swim,’’ he said. “It’s one of the first things I do. It helps a lot.’’

Wilson said he has always loved “being in the water’’ and joked that while he’s not Michael Phelps “I can swim pretty good.

“I’ve just always loved getting in the pool and just moving,’’ he said. “So I think that’s always been a big part of it for me, and I think also just getting massages and stretching and moving and lifting on Monday’s is a big thing, too.’’

Wilson said one person he talked with as he was preparing for his NFL career who gave him advice on how to manage his body during a season was Vinny Testaverde, who played 21 years in the NFL and started six games at the age of 44 for the Carolina Panthers in 2007.

Wilson said one of the things Tesateverde stressed was the importance of being active on the day after games to get the body moving again after taking some hits, and he said he has a specific program for lifting on Mondays partly as a result.

If Wilson felt any worse this Monday after the game against the Rams — who sacked him four times — he didn’t let on.

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said this week it goes without saying how valuable Wilson’s durability is, noting Wilson generally is smart about avoiding big hits and getting out of harm’s way. Sunday’s game, though, is about as much as the Seahawks would ever want to see Wilson get hit.

“I hate to think that we would take it for granted, but when he’s so steady and so consistent, and he also continues to demonstrate the conscience that’s necessary, even though he pushed the limits a little bit last week, to stay healthy and to stay right,’’ Carroll said. “We’ve seen a lot of other young quarterbacks that haven’t been able to figure that out. So there’s a lot of awareness there, and conscience that’s really strong. We’re very fortunate to have him, and the way that he’s been able to maintain is pretty rare.”

Wilson said the only play Sunday he really regretted on which he got hit came on a scramble late in the game when he lost a fumble.

“I’m not trying to avoid hits out there, exactly,’’ Wilson said. “I’m trying to play the game, trying to win the game. Play smart, but trying to win.’’