The New York Jets, this week's Seahawks opponent, are ranked as high as No. 17 and as low as No. 26 in our survey.

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After struggling to a 1-1 start, the Seahawks looked like themselves Sunday during a 37-18 victory over the visiting San Francisco 49ers.

And it’s no coincidence that they moved up in most of the NFL power rankings in our weekly survey of national media members.

The media members in our survey expressed confidence in the Seahawks’ defense but have concerns about the offense, specifically the health of quarterback Russell Wilson. They are ranked as high as No. 3 by ESPN.COM and Yahoo! Sports and as low as No. 15 by Fox Sports.

This week the Seahawks (2-1) hope to build on their momentum against the New York Jets (1-2). Sunday’s game in East Rutherford, N.J., kicks off at 10 a.m., and Fox (Ch. 13) has the telecast.

Seattle is a 1 1/2-point favorite against the Jets, who are ranked as high as 17th and as low as 26th in our survey.

Here’s our roundup of Week 4 NFL power rankings:

SEATTLE TIMES (Jayson Jenks)

Seahawks rank: 4 (8).

Seahawks comment: We’ll find out against the Jets on Sunday if last week’s rushing resurgence was truly a turning point or an aberration against a struggling 49ers team.

Jets rank: 19 (14).

Jets comment: Jets QB Ryan Fitzpatrick has thrown seven interceptions this season, including six last week. Will he give the Seahawks some chances to create turnovers down the field?

SI.COM (Chris Burke)

Seahawks rank: 9 (12 last week).

Seahawks comment: A healthy Jimmy Graham (six catches, 100 yards and a TD last Sunday) may be just what the sluggish Seattle offense needs to find its stride. Limiting the hits that Walking Recovery Water Commercial/QB Russell Wilson takes on a weekly basis wouldn’t be a bad thing, either.

Jets rank: 18 (11).

Jets comment: Ryan Fitzpatrick’s meltdown in Kansas City was like watching those videos where NBA players block little kids’ shots. It had been nine years since a quarterback (Peyton Manning, of all people, against San Diego) threw six interceptions in a game before Fitzpatrick pulled it off Sunday.

Top 5: 1, New England; 2, Denver; 3, Minnesota; 4, Philadelphia; 5, Kansas City.

MMQB.COM’S FINE 15 (Jenny Vrentas)

Seahawks rank: 9 (11).

Seahawks comment: With a sprained right ankle and a sprained left knee, the Week 5 bye can’t come soon enough for Russell Wilson.

Jets rank: Received consideration, ranked 19th (no comment).

Top 5: 1, New England; 2, Denver; 3, Minnesota; 4, Green Bay; 5, Baltimore.


Seahawks rank: 3 (10).

Seahawks comment: The Seahawks looked like the Seahawks in Week 3, but QB Russell Wilson continues to take some nasty hits. The good news is that despite the offensive struggles for most of the season, the defense has allowed only 37 points. Seattle plays at the Jets next.

Jets rank: 19 (14).

Jets comment: In Week 2, Ryan Fitzpatrick posted a 93 Total QBR (scaled 0-100) and seemed unstoppable. In Week 3, Fitzpatrick’s interception total (6) was higher than his QBR (5). The Jets can’t afford the “bad” Fitzpatrick to show up much more, let alone against the stout Seahawks defense in Week 4.

Top 5: 1, Denver; 2, New England; 3, Seattle; 4, Minnesota; 5, Arizona.

YAHOO! SPORTS (Frank Schwab)

Seahawks rank: 3 (5).

Seahawks comment: Russell Wilson has escaped a serious injury twice in three weeks. The Seahawks need to protect a lot better, and a banged-up Wilson has to get rid of the ball to avoid more hits. Seattle might be the NFL’s best team with Wilson, and they’re nowhere close to that if their QB misses time.

Jets rank: 18 (13).

Jets comment: Ryan Fitzpatrick doesn’t seem like the type who will let a six-interception game put him in the tank. But there’s no question it was bad. So many of those interceptions were awful decisions.

Top 5: 1, New England; 2, Denver; 3, Seattle; 4, Minnesota; 5, Philadelphia.


Seahawks rank: 7 (11).

Seahawks comment: Russell Wilson has bad right ankle, bad left knee, but may start (behind THAT line) against THAT Jets D-line? Cooler heads, please.

Jets rank: 17 (14).

Jets comment: Ryan Fitzpatrick threw a killer pick-six Sunday. He also threw six killer picks. This is why Jets wouldn’t break bank for him.

Top 5: 1, New England; 2, Denver; 3, Minnesota; 4, Philadelphia; 5, Green Bay.

NFL.COM (Elliot Harrison)

Seahawks rank: 5 (11).

Seahawks comment: Much consternation regarding the health of Russell Wilson in the aftermath of Sunday’s win. But it appears the Seahawks dodged a bullet, as Pete Carroll said on Monday that he expects his quarterback will be ready for this coming Sunday’s road game vs. the Jets. Back to the victory over the 49ers, though … That’s what I’m talking about, all you Dave Krieg Starting Lineup figurine owners! (Don’t take it out of the box.) The ‘Hawks didn’t eke by. They didn’t come out of the gate slowly, either. At one point Sunday, fans across the country went back to the kitchen to grab some cheese puffs and Mountain Dew for the late games — and before they even had a chance to decide between the original Dew and Baja Blast, Seattle had gone up 21-3. Here’s something that will make you blink faster than Blaine Gabbert staring into the teeth of that Seahawk defense: Doug Baldwin and Jimmy Graham each hit the century mark in the first half.

Jets rank: 18 (10).

Jets comment: Said on the set of “NFL Fantasy Live” on Sunday morning that, every once in a while, Ryan Fitzpatrick will throw a few … errant passes. Wasn’t anticipating a six-pick grab bag, however.

Top 5: 1, New England; 2, Denver; 3, Minnesota; 4, Green Bay; 5, Seattle.

CBS SPORTS (Pete Prisco)

Seahawks rank: 7 (11).

Seahawks comment: They face a long trip this week to play the Jets, but at least the offense showed some life against the 49ers. Russell Wilson’s health bears watching.

Jets rank: 19 (17).

Jets comment: They can’t make the playoffs if Ryan Fitzpatrick doesn’t pick it up. He was terrible against the Chiefs with six picks.

Top 5: 1, New England; 2, Denver; 3, Minnesota; 4, Green Bay; 5, Philadelphia.

FOX SPORTS (Cameron DaSilva)

Seahawks rank: 6 (10).

Seahawks comment: Russell Wilson has an MCL sprain and is questionable for Week 4, but the Seahawks got back on track against the 49ers on Sunday. Seattle still has one of the most talented rosters in football when healthy, and the defense has been strong all season. It’s just a matter of time before the Seahawks get into a groove again.

Jets rank: 26 (17).

Jets comment: With Ryan Fitzpatrick at quarterback, the Jets don’t always know what they’re going to get. He could throw four touchdowns or six interceptions like he did on Sunday, and that’s going to doom them in the coming weeks. Their schedule is only going to get tougher, so having two losses right now hurts their chances at a playoff berth. Fitzpatrick needs to be more consistent.

Top 5: 1, New England; 2, Denver; 3, Minnesota; 4, Green Bay; 5, Philadelphia.


Seahawks rank: 8 (9).

Seahawks comment: With a return to the place where they won a Super Bowl looming, they finally are looking like the team that did.

Jets rank: 18 (15).

Jets comment: The Jets had a come-to-Jesus meeting on Monday. On Sunday against Seattle, their fans could be telling the team to go to hell.

Top 5: 1, Denver; 2, New England; 3, Minnesota; 4, Carolina; 5, Green Bay.

BLEACHER REPORT (Kristopher Knox)

Seahawks rank: 15 (13).

Seahawks comment: None.

Jets rank: 19 (9).

Jets comment: None.

Top 5: 1, Denver; 2, New England; 3, Minnesota; 4, Philadelphia; 5, Pittsburgh.


Seahawks rank: 4 (11).

Seahawks comment: None.

Jets rank: 19 (12).

Jets comment: None.

Top 5: 1, Denver; 2, New England; 3, Minnesota; 4, Seattle; 5, Philadelphia.

NEW YORK POST (Bart Hubbuch)

Seahawks rank: 5 (10.)

Seahawks comment: Seattle’s defense is first in the NFL in yards allowed and first downs allowed and has yet to allow a TD pass.

Jets rank: 21 (14).

Jets comment: Ryan Fitzpatrick is on pace to throw 37 interceptions — 14 more than he did in 2011, when he led the NFL in that category with the Bills.

Top 5: 1, New England; 2, Denver; 3, Minnesota; 4, Philadelphia; 5, Seattle.