NFL Network's Ian Rapoport said guaranteed money is the key issue separating Russell Wilson and the Seahawks in contract negotiations, while former Seahawk Michael Robinson says he's not sure Wilson is worth Aaron Rodgers-type money.

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Russell Wilson’s contract situation remains one of the hotter topics of debate throughout the NFL, and weighing in with some of their thoughts on Monday on the NFL Network were former Seahawks Michael Robinson and Nate Burleson, as well as one of the network’s insiders, Ian Rapoport.

Rapoport, asked if Wilson would get a deal similar to the five-year, $110 million contract Aaron Rodgers signed in 2013 (which included $54 million guaranteed) said “that is what Russell Wilson wants.”

But Rapoport then went on to say that guaranteed money is a particularly key sticking point (something I also wrote about over the weekend).

Said Rapoport:

“Really, the main arguments here, the main disagreements as far as the contract negotiations that have been going on between Russell Wilson and the Seahawks center on guaranteed money,” he said. “Based on the people I’m talking to, it is still stuck in Russell Wilson’s head that the contract extension he signs doesn’t just make him the highest paid quarterback in the NFL but also is highly, highly guaranteed; more like a contract that say a baseball player or a basketball player would get.”

Rapoport said the two have sides have been talking of late but that nothing much has gotten done.

“There have been some negotiations recently,” he said. “They have continued but from what I hear now, it would be highly unlikely for any deal to get done before the two sides break for the summer.”

The pretty much jibes with other reports that the two sides are at essentially a standstill. If there is a key time to watch, it will be the week or so prior to training camp, which will serve as at least something of an unofficial deadline for getting a deal done this off-season as it’s less likely — if likely at all — that the two sides would negotiate much during the season.

Wilson is under contract for the 2015 season at $1.5 million and the Seahawks can put a franchise tag on Wilson for 2016, one reason you’ve heard Wilson’s agent, Mark Rodgers, say there isn’t a specific deadline for getting a deal done.

Interestingly, Robinson — who won a Super Bowl ring with the Seahawks in 2013 — said he’s not sure Wilson deserves a Rodgers-type contract.

Said Robinson: “The friend in me says yes, but the businessman and the realist in me says no. You look at Aaron Rodgers and his contract, that’s the anomaly; that’s paid for a guy who can win a Super Bowl with the 32nd-ranked defense. Name me a year that Russell hasn’t had the top scoring defense in the National Football League? Name me a year he hasn’t had a top-five rusher in the National Football League? Name me a year that he hasn’t had one of the top two or three rushing offenses in this league? You can’t.”

Burleson disagreed with Robinson, saying he thinks Wilson deserves top dollar.

Said Burleson: “What people have to understand is you don’t always get paid when you want to and how you want to in this league. So there is a chance that Russell [Wilson] will be in a different jersey once his contract is up; that is a reality in this business…This man deserves every dollar…Yes he’s had tremendous defenses, he’s had playmakers around him and Marshawn [Lynch] is one of the best running backs this league has seen in a long time. But is that his fault? Not his fault at all…Yeah he’s had tremendous defenses but when he’s needed to make plays, whether you want to call him a glorified manager of an offense, he went out there and did that. Yeah the defense might have gotten him the ball, but it takes a special quarterback to have composure and make plays when he needs to, and have to decipher defenses and make decisions when he needs to.”

Responded Robinson: “Aaron Rodgers is an anomaly. I look at Aaron Rodgers kind of like Calvin Johnson’s receiver contract – that’s not just a next man up contract, that’s an anomaly. That’s the best guy in the game contract. I’m not sure right now Russell has earned his stripes, has he done enough with so much.”

You can watch Robinson and Burleson here and Rapoport here.