The highlight package also reveals Russell Wilson's reaction following the missed point after touchdown in the fourth quarter against the Falcons.

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The highlight packages produced by NFL Films shown as part of Showtime’s Inside the NFL program each week are always good. But the one this week covering the Seattle-Atlanta game is particularly interesting given the twists and turns in that game. You can view it here.

Included is what may be the best view of the beginning of Richard Sherman’s sideline blowup in the third quarter following a 36-yard touchdown pass from Atlanta’s Matt Ryan to Julio Jones (it’s at about the 1:10 mark or so).

Interestingly, there is a clip just before that of Jones mentioning that the safety is leaving that area of the field open. The touchdown is then shown, and then Sherman coming off the field and the beginning of his rant.

As has been discussed, the Seahawks changed the coverage as Atlanta tight end Austin Hooper went in motion. But due to a miscommunication, Sherman ended up covering Hooper in man coverage while everyone else played zone.

The clip appears to show defensive coordinator Kris Richard motioning angrily to Sherman as he comes off the field, likely asking him, in so many words, what had gone wrong. That leads to Sherman throwing his helmet and acting angrily on the sidelines.

What has become the takeaway, and that the clip appears to more fully confirm, is that Sherman appears to have felt he was being blamed for the missed assignment when he felt he had not gotten the proper communication relayed to him by Kelcie McCray, who was playing strong safety with Kam Chancellor sidelined with a groin injury.

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll confirmed the communication mishap between McCray and Sherman on Monday.

“Just not being on the same page,” he sad. “What was clear, to me, is that Kam is a big factor. We don’t see that stuff, I can’t remember another game when Kam was playing, I don’t know. He has such a connection and skills at communicating and all that, that Kelcie couldn’t have that, he hasn’t played enough with our guys. He’s been there, but it’s not the same. We have to adapt to that. Kelcie played really well, he did a nice job in the game, but still the communication is not as good, otherwise it wouldn’t matter if we played together for five years. It matters and there’s something to that. I thought it was evident that that happened.”

The highlight package is also revealing in showing Russell Wilson’s reaction following the missed point after touchdown in the fourth quarter.

Social media has also buzzed a bit with the editing of Atlanta’s final play, the controversial pass to Jones broken up by Sherman and Earl Thomas. The closeup of Jones, which is being portrayed as the beginning of the play, is obviously not the same play as it doesn’t show the head slap from Jones to Sherman, that Sherman himself has Tweeted he thought could have been flagged.

Just some fancy editing to heighten the drama and/or maybe not having as good of a view of the actual beginning of the play? Or something more sinister? Your view of that may depend on which side of the field you stand on ( says whatever the reason, it’s a bad look for the NFL).

Regardless, it’s all worth a look.