The report states that no sale is imminent but that a succession plan was filed with the NFL, detailing plans for the proceeds of the sale to go to the Paul G. Allen Foundation.

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Some clarity as to the future ownership of the Seahawks was revealed via an report Sunday morning. It said the team is expected to be sold by Paul Allen’s estate with proceeds going to his foundation, and the team staying in Seattle.

Allen’s sister, Jody, has taken a more visible role with the team since Allen’s death on Oct. 15, with Allen’s good friend, Bert Kolde, the vice chairman of the team, retaining his role.

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The report states that no sale is imminent, but a succession plan was filed with the NFL, as required. The plan detailed the likely course of events and noted that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has said the team will remain in Seattle.

The Paul G. Allen Foundation, the report states, consolidated all of Allen’s causes and will be the beneficiary of the transaction.

The report states that potential buyers are already preparing to make a bid on the team, which the report states “could set a record” for the most expensive North American pro sports franchise.

Allen bought the team for $194 million in 1997. Forbes magazine recently valued the Seahawks at $2.58 billion.

The most recent NFL franchise to be sold was the Carolina Panthers for $2.2 billion.