Perennial Pro Bowl defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh is thought interested in the Seahawks. But on Sunday it was also revealed that he plans to visit the Rams this week, indicating any decision on a new NFL home is still a little ways away.

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Ndamukong Suh is at least racking up the miles as he seeks a new NFL home.

The three-time All-Pro defensive tackle spurred speculation last Monday that he might be interested in joining the Seahawks when he posted on social media that he was in Seattle amid speculation he would be released by Miami.

Suh, in fact, was released by Miami two days later. But while he was in Seattle earlier in the week he did not pay an official visit to the Seahawks — such a visit would have been against NFL rules while he was still officially property of the Dolphins.

Once released by Miami, Suh visited New Orleans and Tennessee over the weekend without coming to deal with either team (he posted a quick clip of his trip back home to Portland on Twitter Sunday).

That led to a report from Jordan Schultz of Sunday night that the Seahawks “still remain in contention” for Suh.

But then later came another report a little more ominous if you are rooting for Suh in Seattle — that the Los Angeles Rams have entered the mix.

Schultz reported — and others then confirmed — that Suh plans to visit the Rams with ESPN Los Angeles reporting that the visit will happen “this week.”

That obviously implies that it’ll probably be a few days before we know anything about where Suh is headed. And just as obviously, the addition of any other teams to the mix would seem to reduce Seattle’s odds for getting Suh — or at least make it more complicated.

What remains somewhat unclear is Seattle’s level of interest in the 31-year-old Suh, who is a veteran of eight NFL seasons with five Pro Bowls.

The Seahawks were also in talks with Sheldon Richardson before he signed with the Vikings on Friday and there seemed no way Seattle would be able to get both Richardson and Suh, leading to the thought that Seattle’s interest in Suh would increase if it lost Richardson. But if Seattle has given Suh a huge offer you wouldn’t think he’d be adding visits and teams at this point. So maybe Seattle is mostly just trying to stay in it and see what happens.

Or maybe Suh just likes the courting process.

All we do seem to know is that this is all likely to take a little while to sort out.

Or, as reader @calebnmoore wrote, “the Suh-Spence” is just going to take a little longer.