Ratings for Seahawks games in the Seattle/Tacoma level remain at basically the same level as the year the team won the Super Bowl in 2013.

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The debate that continues nationally about the reasons for declining NFL television ratings remains one that isn’t necessary in Seattle.

Local television ratings for recent Seahawks’ games has remained on par with where they have consistently been since the end of the 2012 season, when the arrival of Russell Wilson jumpstarted a string of winning seasons that also significantly boosted TV ratings.

In the 2013 season, when the Seahawks won the Super Bowl, local TV broadcasts of Seattle games had an average rating of 38.6 for the season. That number was at 28.2 in 2012 — when it jumped dramatically when the team went on a late-season surge — and 21.8 in 2011, the second year of the Pete Carroll era and the final season before Wilson arrived.

Recent Seahawks’ games have continued to draw ratings right at the number of the 2013 season.

Thursday’s game at Arizona had a combined local rating of 39.3 (34.2 on KING/NBC and 5.1 on the NFL Network), while last Sunday’s game against Washington had a 39.9 rating on Q13 Fox and the previous Sunday’s game against Houston on KIRO drew a 37.6 rating.

The rating is the percentage of all TV sets in the Seattle-Tacoma area tuned the game.

Share numbers, which tracks the percent of TV sets that are in use at the time tuned to the game, also remain strong — 62, 67 and 70 for the last three games.

Numbers always fluctuate somewhat based on the network and time and date of game.

Thursday’s game was also available via live streaming on Amazon as part of a deal between the company and the NFL for select Thursday night games this year, the kind of thing cited by some analysts as contributing to a drop in ratings this season.

Heading into last week, national TV ratings for the season were down 5.7 percent.

That number has leveled off some after there was a pretty significant drop early — ratings for the first NFL weekend this year were down 11.8 percent which some cited to both hurricanes and the controversy over some players sitting or kneeling for the anthem.

The Seahawks have been among the teams with some players sitting for the anthem at times this season.

But in Seattle, when it comes to NFL TV ratings, all that seems to matter is that the team continues to win.