The Seahawks are two-thirds of the way through three straight prime-time games (at quite an unfortunate time, no less). And as is the case with most Seahawks prime-time games, Sunday night’s edition featured a whole lot of weirdness.

It’s still hard to say exactly what happened near the end of regulation when the Seahawks spiked the ball twice to set up the game-tying field goal and force overtime.

But DK Metcalf is in the midst of a Twitter feud with Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe over his role in the whole thing (read: not really rushing while time ran down).

But there was also Russell Wilson doing his best Brandon Tanev impression (“I saw a ghost“) while running phantom pregame drills, Jamal Adams proclaiming himself “the best in the nation” above a “62 of 85” Pro Football Focus ranking, and a Seahawks fan … trading his jersey for a Terrible Towel with Troy Polamalu? Sure!

In the end, the Seahawks lost on a Chris Boswell field goal in overtime. But at least we’ll have the memes and memories to hold us over until next Monday night.

Here’s what national media members had to say about the Seahawks’ Week 6 loss to the Steelers.

Steelers 23, Seahawks 20 (OT)


CBS Sports’ John Breech gave the Seahawks a C+ for their performance on Sunday night.

In their first game without Russell Wilson since 2011, the Seahawks put up a solid effort, but ultimately came up short on the road. I’m not sure why they went away from Alex Collins for the overtime period, considering he had been running over the Steelers after halftime.

The biggest takeaway for’s Grant Gordon: “Russ is missed.”

Geno Smith played better than the last glimpse of him grasping his helmet in frustration following a fumble leads you to believe. He was pressured throughout and sacked five times. But he kept the ‘Hawks in it, completing 23 of 32 passes for 209 yards and a touchdown with no interceptions. Few gave Seattle much of a chance and the Seahawks certainly had a chance as Smith was able to pilot them back from a 14-0 deficit to force overtime. But Russell Wilson is a different animal, and a future Hall of Famer. He’s one of the very best, and while Geno kept the Seahawks within striking distance, Wilson has proven time and again he can lead them to wins. While Smith deserves an attaboy, Sunday night was further indication of just how much Russ means to the Seahawks.

The Ringer’s Rodger Sherman wrote that because he’s never been out like this, “Wilson has no idea what to do when he’s not playing.”

Despite his injury, Wilson flew with the team to Pittsburgh and couldn’t stay away from the field. Before the game, Wilson went onto the field to pretend that he was leading the team’s offense, without a ball or teammates. (Amazingly, even in his football fantasy, his team still needs to pull off a late touchdown drive and all the plays need to be changed at the line of scrimmage.) Wilson wore his wrist play-calling sheet during the game as if he were playing—at one point, cameras showed him looking particularly upset with one of the calls his coaches made. Wilson even managed to get himself involved during a play. At the end of the game, there was a ridiculous sequence when DK Metcalf caught a pass to get the Seahawks into field goal range and fumbled, only for teammate Freddie Swain to recover. Because the clock was running, and the Seahawks had no timeouts, they needed to spike the ball. Wilson ran onto the field, as the clock was running, to tell Swain to get the ball spiked. … He was doing all the stuff he would’ve done if he were playing quarterback, just without a hand capable of throwing a football. The Seahawks forced overtime, and Wilson went out onto the field to help with the coin toss, which he’s not supposed to do, because he is not currently a player on the Seahawks’ active roster. Russ truly cannot handle being on the sideline. It’s kind of endearing—the dude loves ball, and can’t figure out what to do if he’s not playing. But he probably needs a get-back coach, because he’s coming really close to interfering with a ref or a player. He needs to get healthy and return to the field—both for his own sake, and because the Seahawks lost after Smith fumbled in overtime.


Sherman also named Jamal Adams as a Week 6 loser for his SNF intro.

He used the opportunity to proclaim himself “the best in the NA-tion,” hitting the “NAY” in “nation” with an uncomfortable squeal. But Adams is not the best in the NA-tion, unless he’s talking about some other NA-tion besides the United States. The Seahawks thought he would be the best in the NA-tion, which is why in 2020 they gave up two first-round picks for him, then signed him this offseason to the largest contract for a safety in NFL history. But this year he has no sacks, or quarterback hits, or quarterback hurries, and no interceptions. He has just one pass defensed and three tackles for loss. As you can see on the video in which he proclaims himself the best in the NA-tion, Pro Football Focus has him ranked 62nd out of 85 safeties. But Sunday, Adams put himself in position to make a big play. With the Seahawks and Steelers tied late in the fourth quarter, Adams got right in the way of a Ben Roethlisberger pass. It was a chance to make an interception and set the Seahawks up to win—and instead, the ball hit him in the face and bounced harmlessly to the turf. A few plays later, Pittsburgh hit a go-ahead field goal. Adams’s performance wouldn’t be noteworthy if not for his high price tag and lofty claims. If before the game, he’d said “Jamal Adams, pretty OK” or “Jamal Adams, trying his best,” we’d be more forgiving. But you can’t say you’re the best of the best and be unable to catch footballs headed toward your face. He needs to either pick up his play or find a NA-tion where he’s actually the best. (Try Andorra! Very tiny!)

ESPN’s Brady Henderson answers: Is there any hope left for the Seahawks in 2021?

The Seahawks are running out of time to save their season. They’ll have a good chance in their next two games — both at home vs. the Saints and Jaguars — based on how they looked after halftime Sunday night. But even getting two wins before Wilson is eligible to come off IR might be too little, too late with the Cardinals still unbeaten and the Rams right behind them at 5-1. And that assumes Wilson returns in Week 10 after the bye.