Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll talked Monday about the win over the Vikings, the play of some of his defensive linemen, the penalty on Kam Chancellor, and more.

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Here are some highlights of what Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said to the media Monday:

(Open) “It was a major event going to this past game. It was one that the players, and the coaches, and all of us will never forget, just because of what we were up against, and the conditions and all of that. It was something that we took as a great learning experience too, how to handle it and how to deal with it. What really came out that I was really fired up about was the attitude of our players. They took to the challenge of the elements, and just did not let it be a factor in terms of them playing hard, and busting their tales, and doing the things that you need to do to play good football. What we thought, too, as you look at the game, the elements were a condition that were factored in. Obviously, you could see the ball couldn’t fly when we kicked it, in particular in the punting game. But it also affects the ball when you throw it enough, to make it a harder game than normal. So the game really goes to the defenses is what happens, and both defenses played really good ball. They’re a really good D, and our guys played really well, and we just kind of slugged it out. In a game like that, it usually comes down to really close, hard-fought, games, and it’s a play here and a play there. What we were able to do offensively was find a few plays. We put together one 80-yard drive. We found a few plays to get us down there and get a score. Then the defense made a big play. We make a really crucial first down with [Jermaine] Kearse catching a ball on the sidelines, and we were able to kick a field goal, and that was it. That was pretty much what it was for us on offense for the day. Then it was send the defense back out and slug it out. Those games are pretty much going to go like that for the most part. Sometime they’re different, but that’s what you should probably count on. It was a very fortunate victory for us. We played really good football, and did a lot of cool stuff. But we were fortunate to win, and on we go.”

(On DT Ahtyba Rubin hustling to recover the fumble on the sideline) “I’m glad you brought him up, because I didn’t realize this during the game, but after watching the film, he played a terrific football game. He was all over the place chasing the ball. His play at the line of scrimmage was really stout. Taking on double teams, and splitting double teams, and making big tackles. And he does chase the football. He’s been doing that all year long, and that’s exactly what happens to guys that run like that, he’s there. Earl’s [Thomas] the first guy there and goes flying by the ball, and then [Ahtyba] Rubin got his hands on it and would not give it up. But he’s had a fantastic season, and I thought he had a fantastic football game.”

(On what his experience was like personally to coach in the extreme cold in Minnesota) “I had a blast. It was so much fun, because it was just so crazy. Everything about it, it’s just crazy. The preparation, part of it, the mental side of it that everybody was dealing with to get right so that they could be at their best, you could feel it and see it. There was a big energy about that with our players, and our coaches too, because they didn’t want to succumb to it, they didn’t want to give in to it, and nobody did. So there was a real uplifted kind of emotion about just taking on the challenge of not being overwhelmed by the elements, so that whole thing was fun. Seeing Bud [Grant] out there early, the short-sleeves thing, and the whole thing, that was a great start to the game. There was just something about this game that made it really special. It was a unique opportunity. All the way through to the very end of it – I think that when they went to nine-zip, that was a moment when we thought oh boy, we haven’t scored once, how are we going to score twice? There was a moment there of question of what’s going to happen next, and we came right back and got going. Got our score, and get the turnover, and just kind of flurry to the lead. So it just made it fun that we were back in it finally too. I don’t know, I thought the whole thing was really cool.”

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(On if Richard Sherman getting close to blocking a field goal had any impact on the missed field goal at the end of the game) “Well, the final kick was kicked much fast than their other kicks. I don’t need to give you the times, but it was considerably faster. So for whatever reason, they sped up their mechanism. Sherm [Richard Sherman] couldn’t have been closer. We can’t figure out how he didn’t get it. So they went quite a bit faster, so I don’t know, you’d have to ask them. We don’t know, but at least that fact’s in there.”

(On if there was something Sherman picked up that allowed him to jump that snap) “There’s always things like that.”

(On what stood out most about Michael Bennett’s game yesterday) “Just that he’s such a problem. He was in the backfield all day long. He didn’t really have the numbers, the big tackles and sacks and stuff like that, but he was a big factor. They couldn’t block him. Mike [Bennett] gets himself in position sometimes where he gets handled a little bit, but for the most part he’s really a problem. He’s just, like we keep talking about, he’s so quick to react to things, and he can take advantage of his awareness, and the preparation, and really the initial quicks that he has to penetrate and get in the backfield. He’s just really a special football player.”

(On what he saw from Earl Thomas breaking up plays) “They’re perfect plays, really. He had a great indicator with the back run up the seam, saw it and read the quarterback and just flew across the field. He had a play just like that in practice this week that I was all fired up about, and it was one of those deals where he said he should carry it right over to the game. That was a beautiful play, the tackle he makes on the reverse is just a perfect play of tracking from the way deep middle, getting the guy all the way on the sidelines and making a perfect tackle. He continues to do really good stuff, and he’s playing great football.”

(On Cassius Marsh making plays on special teams) “He’s really doing things. He makes a great tackle on the 12 on the opening kickoff. He’s doing thigs really well, he’s doing things right, it took him a while. He was a loose hair out there for a while, but he has really bought into the discipline of it and he’s been a very good factor. He’s a bigger guy on special teams, 250 pounds, it’s a good body to have that’s that far down the field. He runs well. He’s been making a lot of things happen.”

(On the plans for Marshawn Lynch this week) “One day at a time. See what happens, see how it goes. Get him out there practicing and see what that means. We don’t know that yet.”

(On what allowed the defense to shut down Adrian Peterson twice) “It’s really the discipline that they’ve played with. Particularly, well both games were basically the same. It’s the discipline to understand the scheme that we play and then the schemes that they use in the running game. Then just be patient, and tough when you have to be, and physical at the line of scrimmage, and be really well coordinated. It takes all of that to keep him from breaking out. The one time we make a mistake, he gets 12 yards. I thought it was a tremendous illustration of what it takes to play great run defense against a really excellent football player. It was play after play after play of continuing to do the right thing. That’s how it goes. It’s not just how tough you are or how fast you run, you’ve got to do things right. The guys are doing a great job of that.”

(On if Marshawn Lynch had a physical setback on Friday) “No. He just didn’t feel like he could go. He didn’t have the confidence that he would be able to go. I said earlier today that this is his first surgery ever, and it happens to be right in his core, and you all that have watched him, you know what kind of runner he is. In all of the lateral things that he does with his body, that are so abrupt and so sudden, he needs to feel that he can do those things. Even though he can run fast, and look like he’s moving, he didn’t have the confidence that he could go out there and react to guys and do that. There’s nothing to do about that.”

(On if Marshawn Lynch is back to square one) “No. He did not have a setback.”

(On how he would coach Kam Chancellor to avoid another pass interference call) “I called the league office to find out what their interpretation of that was. It’s so close, because the defender has his right to his area, and the receiver is supposed to have to avoid to get by. As [Kyle] Rudolph was avoiding, Kam’s right hand came up, so his hand was outside here. They hit head to head. He made a move and came right into him, and Kam’s hand came up. That’s what they saw, so that’s what they called. Had his hand been inside, then that didn’t need to be a call because Kam was in his own space, and the receiver needs to be trying to avoid. They would have just overlooked that, they wouldn’t have called it usually. They wouldn’t have called it offensive interference, they wouldn’t call it defensive. They would just call it incidental. Because his hand was out there, it gave the guy a reason to make the call.”

(On if the hand rule is why Earl Thomas wasn’t called for pass interference the week before) “Yes. It’s really the same situation.”

(On why Richard Sherman was not lined up on the edge to block the last field goal) “Didn’t want to take a chance at jumping off sides right there. He timed it up so beautifully that I know the official, the side, the line judge was tuned into it. He wasn’t quite sure if he jumped or not, we communicated about that. Brian Schneider just felt like we couldn’t predict what was going to happen. We didn’t want to give them a second shot at it.”