“From what I know of the situation, yeah, he’s dug in," Robinson said. "He really feels that they have the ability to pay him.”

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Former Seahawk Michael Robinson, now an analyst on the NFL Network, said safety Kam Chancellor is willing to miss the entire 2015 season due to a contract dispute with the team.

Robinson made the comment during the network’s NFL Total Access show and when asked if Chancellor was willing to sit out the year, said: “From what I know of the situation, yeah, he’s dug in. He really feels that they have the ability to pay him.” (You can view the clip here).

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Robinson also said that Chancellor — who has now missed three weeks of training camp and the first two preseason games — said Chancellor believes he should be making more than the $4.55 million base salary he is due this season.

Said Robinson: “People have to understand, Kam is not only a leader on this defense – he’s a team leader. He’s a guy that Pete [Carroll] can go to and be able to talk to a guy like Marshawn [Lynch], be able to talk to a guy on the offensive side of the ball to get him straight. He is everything to this team. I know there are guys out there making plays for the Seahawks right now but nobody is Kam Chancellor. Nobody sets the tone physically like Kam Chancellor – nobody sets the tone in that city. He is the Boom to the Legion of Boom. From my knowledge of the situation knowing him and being able to share some conversations with him, he’s dug in. He believes that his value to this team is a lot more than $4.55 million that he’s making next year. He felt like maybe the deal that he signed earlier – the deal that he’s on – he’s worth a little bit more. You look at some of the top-paid safeties in this league – Michael Griffin, T.J. Ward, Reshad Jones – some of these guys can’t hold Kam Chancellor’s jockstrap.”

Robinson also said Chancellor is the kind of player for which the Seahawks might have to break their stance of ripping up a deal with multiple years remaining.

“There are different guys in different locker rooms,” he said. “There are guys that you know have the attention of every man in that locker room, and Kam is one of those guys. Sometimes you have to pay a guy what he’s worth. Maybe it is a little earlier, but you have to pay a guy what he’s worth to show the team we support a guy putting in the hard work, we support what you’re doing, we support the dirty work that you do for us. Again, I was one of those guys with the Seahawks: Kam does the dirty work behind the scenes.”