Michael Bennett offered his own take on Black Lives Matter on Thursday.

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Times columnist Larry Stone eloquently described some of what Richard Sherman had to say on Wednesday about the Black Lives Matter movement.

At the conclusion of his own session with the media Thursday, Michael Bennett offered his own take, which we’ll present here in full:

“I want to make sure that, I was reading the Richard Sherman quotes yesterday,”Bennett said. “I’d like to say that I disagree with some of the things that he said yesterday. I think that when people talk about the Black Lives Matter thing, I think he’s misinterpreted that black people kill black people, that white people kill white people, people kill people very day, but the Black Lives Matter thing is more about a social injustice, not so much the injustice of people killing within the community It’s about the social injustice of the people that are supposed to protect them and building a community through black community. Not just black people too, because you see a lot of people in the Black Lives Matter organization that are white, Spanish. They’re all dealing with the same type of hardships that are going on around the world. I think sometimes that people don’t take the time to look into what things really believe or what’s going on in the world. I think that when you say something and you’re in the position that he’s in, and some people take it and run with it. I think there’s a lot of murders in a lot of communities but lots of times it deals with the segregation of the communities around the world. You look around, it’s a white neighborhood, a black neighborhood, a Spanish neighborhood, instead of just calling them all American neighborhoods or American communities. I think lot of times people just get intertwined with different people and they don’t understand what’s going on in the world, and I think black lives matter a lot. And I agree with the Black Lives Matter movement. I think a lot of times people just don’t understand the movement or things that are going on, and it’s all about education and things like that too.”

Asked if he’s talked with Sherman about disagreeing with some of what he said, Bennett said: “We had a conversation about it. His opinion is different from mine. My opinion is that I believe in the things that people are trying to do. These things go all the way back to 1955, to Emmett Till. You’ve got to think about it, the last hanging in America was in the sixties. This is a lot of social injustice that’s been going on for a while. One of my favorite people that I read about all the time is Dick Gregory, I go to the back, checking out his books and you see what’s going on within the community and the world. I think a lot of times people are starting to see people for who they are and not just their color. There’s still a small amount of people who want people to see people for their color and not the characters that they have or the person that they come with, or the person who they are or how they were raised. People are too worried about if he’s Spanish or if he’s black or if he’s Chinese and not just talking to him and seeing that we all are just people at the end of the day.”