Following reports that the Seahawks are looking at free-agent Greg Hardy comes a tweet that Michael Bennett is seeking a trade to Atlanta and a new contract.

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The Seahawks quickly Tuesday said any reports that defensive end Michael Bennett may be seeking a trade to Atlanta and a new contract was news to them, saying they have not heard that from Bennett or any of his representatives.

The report this morning from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram came on the heels of reports that the Seahawks might be interested in free-agent defensive end Greg Hardy.

The report about Bennett originated in a Tweet from Clarence Hill, who covers the Dallas Cowboys for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Hardy is visiting Dallas Tuesday, and both Hardy and Bennett have the same agent — Drew Rosenhaus. That fact can lead to an obvious assumption that the two events could be related — the news of Bennett, true or not, being leaked to spur on a signing of Hardy by the Cowboys.

But for now, that’s a supposition.

The Bennett report does not contain quotes from Bennett or Rosenhaus and has not been updated since surfacing this morning.

The Seahawks said a little while after the report broke that Bennett has not told them of any desire to be traded or to have a new contract.

Bennett signed a four-year, $28.5 million contract with the Seahawks just before the free agency began last season after returning to Seattle in 2013 on a one-year deal. He’s never expressed dissatisfaction with the deal, and in fact was lauded all season for taking on an increased leadership role, both on and off the field — he was often the one giving the final speech to the team before games.

If Bennett really wanted out, Atlanta would make sense as an option as the Falcons are  coached by former Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn, who spent the past two years in Seattle before becoming the coach of the Falcons after the season.

Quinn also was the defensive-line coach for the Seahawks in 2009 when Bennett began his career with Seattle before being released and playing three seasons with Tampa Bay and then returning to Seattle.

As of 3 p.m. Seattle time, there has been no further update on Hardy’s visit to Dallas or the Bennett situation.

Also, here’s a report from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that says the Falcons have no comment on Bennett or if he wants a trade there.