Seahawks defensive lineman Michael Bennett was fined $12,451 by the NFL this week for his "three pumps'' sack dance against the Rams,

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Seahawks defensive lineman Michael Bennett said earlier this week that “two pumps gets you a baby, three pumps gets you a fine,” to describe his celebratory dance following a sack of the Rams’ Jared Goff last Thursday that drew a penalty.

Friday it was revealed just how much of a fine Bennett received — $12,154, a standard amount for what the NFL deems as unsportsmanlike conduct.

While Bennett was penalized on the play, the sack actually didn’t count since there was also holding on the play and that technically nullified the whole thing, though still leaving Bennett liable for a fine.

Bennett said Wednesday that he remains confused by what will and won’t draw a fine.

“I’m never clear on the NFL rules,” he said. “I just kind of try to go along with it. One of my friends, she’s from China and she asked me, ‘I don’t understand the rules, Michael,’ and I said, ‘I don’t understand the rules either, after doing it for 20 years I don’t even understand it.’ I said well it’s one of those thing where you never really understand. There’s times when they fine people for stuff and there’s times when they don’t fine people for stuff. There’s times when people have excessive celebrations and sometimes they don’t do anything and they get fined and it’s really confusing. There’s times when there’s pass interference and there’s times when there’s pass interference and they don’t call it and you’re just like what happened on that play.”

Coach Pete Carroll, though, said that anyone who has ever watched Key & Peele could have seen it coming (and Bennett confirmed this week Carroll once showed this skit to the team).