Michael Bennett sported the best holiday sweater you'll see all year during Wednesday's media availability. Here's what he had to say.

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Michael Bennett has listed his holiday sack dance sweaters for sale on his website, but it’s sold out. If it is indeed restocked, for the modest price of $55, this lovely sweater can be yours.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a better ugly sweater than the one Michael Bennett wore during his media availability on Wednesday.

The sweater, a vibrant and jolly red, features a white snowflake pattern, accompanied of course by a cutout image of Bennett doing his thrusting sack dance.

Bennett was flagged during Thursday’s game against the Rams for doing the very sack dance depicted on his holiday sweater, and poked fun of the NFL’s three-move or ‘three-pump’ rule.

“There’s times where people have excessive celebrations, and there’s times they don’t do nothing and they still get fined,” Bennett said. “And there’s times there’s pass interference and they don’t call it, and you’re just like ‘What happened?'”

“Two pumps gets you a baby — three pumps gets you a fine.”

Here’s all of what Bennett had to say: