All the Seahawks, including Michael Bennett, once again stand for the national anthem to honor Salute to Service night.

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The entire Seahawks team including Michael Bennett stood for the national anthem before Monday night’s football game against Atlanta.

Bennett has previously said that he would remain seated for the anthem this season to advocate for the rights of oppressed groups, including people of color. Over the course of the season, he’s been joined on the bench by his defensive line teammates, with Justin Britt and Oday Aboushi standing next to him for support.

However, Bennett and his supporters all stood for the national anthem before the Arizona game last week. Bennett later explained that they decided to stand for the anthem because the Cardinals were commemorating military members that night in their annual Salute to Service game.

So his decision to stand for the anthem against Atlanta on Seattle’s Salute to Service night likely stems from the same rationale. Left tackle Duane Brown also joined Bennett’s group of supporters on the right side of the Seahawks’ bench. Brown, who was traded from Houston to Seattle on at the beginning of this month, was vocal about his disagreement with Houston owner Bob McNair’s statements on how the owners shouldn’t have the “inmates running the prison.” McNair made that comment in response at NFL owner’s meetings held in response to President Donald Trump’s suggestion that NFL players who do not stand for the national anthem should be cut.