Tanner McEvoy expands on how Brandon Marshall's presence has helped him as he approaches his third season with the Seahawks.

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Tanner McEvoy

Position: wide receiver

Height, weight: 6-6, 230

College: Wisconsin

Year with Seahawks: Third

Three questions

You started at both wide receiver and safety during your college career at Wisconsin. Has that experience on the defensive side helped you at all at wide receiver?

“I think so. I try to take every prior year and use it towards the next year, knowledge-wise. Luckily for me, I’ve played a bunch of different positions. Just kind of knowing little details about what safeties do, how they align, how they might give away their coverages, I try to take advantage of that.”

You’ve mentioned before that you used to watch Brandon Marshall film to study how to produce as a tall wide receiver. What have you taken from him during his time in Seattle so far?

“I think a lot of guys are taking some stuff from him. It’s kind of a copycat league. You see a big player like himself and how productive he’s been for however many years he’s been in the NFL. You should probably do whatever he’s doing. Whatever he’s been doing, it’s been working for him. I know when I first got here, moving to the position, we had a similar body type, so I watched film on him and saw how he did things, so I kind of took notes then. And then obviously I got lucky enough that he came here and I got to actually talk to him and work on some things face-to-face. He’s definitely been open about helping, especially me and other guys too. So he’s been very helpful.”

There seems to be an interesting mix of veterans and young guys in the wide receiver room. What has that competition been like so far?

“The competition has always been great, no matter what year. Our room is always competing with each other, whether you’re on the team or you’re not. Doug’s competing with the last guy. It is what it is. That’s the mindset of that room. There’s some old guys. There’s some young guys. We’re all pretty cool with each other. It’s a fun room and definitely a competitive room. So I think it’s going to be interesting to see how it turns out.”