Cyril Grayson signed with the Seahawks in April 2017 after only running track at LSU. Where has the second-year wide receiver improved the most at the professional level?

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Cyril Grayson Jr.

Position: wide receiver

Height, weight: 5-9, 183

College: LSU

Year with Seahawks: second

Three questions

You made the transition to professional football after running track at LSU. When did you decide to pursue professional football, and what led to that decision?

“It always has been my dream, since I started playing football when I was four years old. It was always a dream to get to the NFL. I listened to my dad talk about his story, going to college and playing. I was always had aspirations to go further. I didn’t get the chance to play football in college (because my track scholarship prohibited me from playing football), but I was trying to. That dream never died. Once I got to my fifth year and I wasn’t able to play college football, there was only one other way to go. That was to go pro. My first thought was, ‘Maybe I can’t go to the NFL, so maybe I’ll have to do some beginner leagues or something like that.’ I started doing CFL workouts and I was doing really well. I got a few call-backs from those guys. Then I did pro day at LSU and it took off from there.”

Where have you improved the most since signing with the Seahawks in April 2017?

“The thing that I can kind of see that I’m a lot better at is getting in and out of my breaks, identifying different coverages, knowing the concepts and the reasons why we do those concepts and being able to play off of the DBs rather than just going out there and running the route that’s on paper. Just getting used to the speed of the game and knowing what’s going on out there helps me to be a mountain of a lot better than I was last year. If I’m ready to go this year or not, we’ll see. I think that I am, and I think I’m a lot better. But it’s going to continue to take time to get to where I want to be.”

How much have you taken from the established wide receivers here, like Doug Baldwin and Tyler Lockett?

“When I first got in, I tried to mimic and do some of the same things that they do. You’ll see that sometimes that doesn’t work. One thing I talked with my coach about this year was finding my identity as a receiver and who I am, because that’s what I’m here for. They bring you here to be who you are, so I’m just identifying who I am as a receiver, as a player, and becoming the best that I can be.”