Get to know rookie Seahawks linebacker Warren Long as well as 'Larrenwong,' his musical alter-ego.

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Warren Long

Position: linebacker

Height, weight: 5-11, 212

College: Northwestern

Year with Seahawks: First

Three questions

You flipped from running back to linebacker prior to your redshirt senior season at Northwestern. What led to that move?

“Honestly I just feel like that’s the position that my skill set best applies to. Coming out of high school most of my offers were to play linebacker. In my mind I wanted the glamour, so I went to the only school that offered me to play running back. I felt like I’m built for (linebacker).”

Being in one of the most established linebacker rooms in the NFL, what have you learned from guys like Bobby Wagner and K.J. Wright?

“The game is simple. It’s really simple, and it doesn’t require tremendous exertion. At times, it calls for it, but for the most part it’s just reading and reacting and trusting yourself. The little keys are what they help me with – the stuff that only eight-year vets would know. I’m just, every day, picking their brains.”

Is it true that you released a studio album last year?

“I put out an album spring 2017. I’ve been making music since the sixth grade. I picked up a guitar, and I was playing acoustically. I got into actual production online, figured out you could play the guitar into the computer, and I’ve been making stuff ever since. Soul, R&B. I don’t like to categorize it because that kind of limits it. I just like to make the music that comes from my mind. It’s on iTunes, Soundcloud, Spotify, Google Play, YouTube – everything. My stage name is ‘Larrenwong.’ ”