Despite overcoming a wide variety of injuries, fullback Tre Madden — who has football in his blood — still has his eyes set on a roster spot with the Seahawks.

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Tre Madden

Position: Fullback

Height, weight: 6-0, 235

College: USC

Year with Seahawks: Third

Three questions

1. You come from a football family, with a father (Curtis Madden) that played fullback and defensive end at Kansas State, and a grandfather (Lawrence McCutcheon) and uncle (Daylon McCutcheon) that also played in the NFL. Has the game been ingrained in you from a young age?

“I started watching pretty early with my dad back in Texas. When we moved to California, that’s when I got to know my grandfather and my uncle. We went to a bunch of games.”

2. You have a prolific injury history (including multiple knee injuries as well as hamstring, turf-toe, calf and achilles injuries). Was there ever a point during your career where you’ve wondered if it was worth it?

“I just keep persevering. I only had one mission (after each injury), and that was to get back on the field. It wasn’t a one-track mind, but there were no questions. I was trying to get back.”

3. You’re competing with fellow fullbacks Jalston Fowler and Khalid Hill for a spot on the Seahawks’ roster. What’s it like to play that position in an offense that appears to really value the fullback?

“It’s a great opportunity. It allows you to flex all your muscles and show what you can do in the passing game and the running game and special teams. I’m trying to make my name there, too. This offense is very dynamic and it allows us to do a lot.”