Despite a perceived lack of height for his position, rookie Poona Ford is fighting to make the Seahawks' regular season roster.

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Poona Ford

Position: defensive tackle

Height, weight: 5-11, 310

College: Texas

Year with Seahawks: first

Three questions

You’ve often heard that you’re too short to compete at the defensive tackle position, and the current background on your Twitter account is a tweet from someone saying you likely won’t make the Seahawks’ 53-man roster. How much do you use those things as motivation?

“I mean, that’s all I use, honestly. That got me through college, and I hope it takes me even further. I’m just going to keep using that to my advantage.”

Did you play any other sports growing up?

“The first (and only) sport I ever played was football. I was six years old. I wasn’t even old enough to play. I guess I was big enough to play with the older kids. You were supposed to be like seven, but I was six. My first two years I played d-line. My second year I played some o-line, too. I played fullback in middle school. In high school I was playing fullback and middle linebacker the first two years. I made the transition to the defensive line full-time going into my junior year of high school.”

You have a Texas Longhorn tattoo on the inside of your leg. Why did you get that, and how much did your time in college there mean to you?

“I just got it at the end of the season. I’ll never forget (my time there), but it’s the official stamp of approval. ‘Longhorn for life,’ that’s the real deal. It goes all the way down the line to back in the day. It’s a real tradition and brotherhood between all the guys that played football at UT. It runs deep.”