Nazair Jones is a busy man. This offseason, the second-year defensive tackle went back to the University of North Carolina to continue working towards a communication degree. He also oversees a nonprofit organization that he launched in his junior year. Oh, and the 292-pounder is also focused on improving on his rookie season with the...

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Nazair Jones

Position: defensive tackle

Height, weight: 6-5, 292

College: North Carolina

Year with Seahawks: second

Three questions

You went back to the University of North Carolina this offseason to continue working towards your communications degree. Why did you feel like that was something you wanted to do?

“I’ve got two more classes I’ve got to take, because I left a semester early. I took the two classes I had to be on campus for, and I’ve got two more I have to take online and I’ll be done. I feel like education is important and I put a lot of time into the university, so I at least wanted to have my degree from there. I know how far that degree goes, especially from the University of North Carolina.”

During your junior year UNC, you started a nonprofit organization in the local community. Where did the idea come from and what does the organization do?

“My nonprofit is called “M.A.D.E Men Mentoring.” “M.A.D.E” stands for “making a difference every day.” So it’s a mentoring program where we pair underprivileged youth with Division I athletes and get them to mentor each other. So we do community service events. We do Q&A sessions at middle schools and high schools. Even if it’s just going around to schools and letting people see us and ask us questions, that’s what we do. That started because I had a mentor growing up and I know how influential he was to me. That’s the kind of knowledge and the kind of mentorship that I want to pass down to the generation afterwards.”

There are a lot of young, unproven commodities on the defensive line in training camp. How would you describe the competitiveness in the defensive line room?

“I think this room is even more competitive than it was last year, because we have so many young guys. There’s a lot of guys with a lot to prove and a lot of guys who want to get paid. A lot of people are going out and giving their very best effort because we all want to make it. We all want those big contracts and things like that. More importantly, we all want to win. We’re doing our best to work together and grow as a group so we can be the defensive line that this team needs.”