After waiting until his senior year of high school to start playing football, Seahawks cornerback Akeem King has made up for lost time.

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Akeem King

Position: Cornerback

Height, weight: 6-1, 212

College: San Jose State

Year with Seahawks: second

Three questions

You didn’t start playing football until your senior year of high school. What made you want to play?

“I did track. I was mainly a jumper, and then they put me in the 100 one time and I ended up setting the school record. No one knew I was fast. I was a really dorky kid. I had an afro, big glasses. Everybody kind of overlooked me. Once they found out I was fast they convinced me to come out for football. I ended up trying out.”

Is it true that you’re currently pursuing your MBA?

“I did start it. I’ve taken probably four classes. I just do it whenever I have extra time. After the season I’ll take a couple classes. They’ve got a program set up with the University of Indiana, so I’ll do online classes with them. First of all, it’s free. The NFL PA covers it, so why not? I’m always looking for ways to get better, so I felt like that was a no-brainer.”

Who are some of the players you’ve modeled your game after?

“I started out in Atlanta, and they do the same exact defense as here. Dan Quinn incorporated the same style of play in Atlanta. Ever since I got there I always studied (Richard) Sherman and (Byron) Maxwell and a lot of the great corners that played here. I’ve probably watched all of the games they’ve ever played.”