Haven't heard of Kache Palacio? You should. Now recovered from an injury, the second-year linebacker is back with the Seahawks and hoping to stick.

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Kache Palacio

Position: Linebacker

Height, weight:6-1, 237

College: Washington State

Years with Seahawks: Second season. Spent 2016 on Seattle’s practice squad.

Three questions:

1. How has your second camp with the Seahawks gone?

“Honestly, camp has been getting more easy as far as getting into the transition as a linebacker and learning calls and being more fluent with my calls. So as far as mentally, the experience has gone a lot better, and not even just the physical aspect as far as keeping up with the speed, but the mental part has gotten a lot better.”

2. You spent 2016 on the Seahawks’ practice squad, but got hurt and were not immediately re-signed. (Palacio tore his oblique muscle and spent the offseason rehabbing.) Did you think they would pick you up again for this season?

“I thought they would pick me up. I talked to the coaches, they said they loved me and loved the work I’d done playing both ways, offense and defense. As far as a practice squad player they said they loved the way I gave great looks and played hard. And I was on my way of moving up, that’s at least what they told us. So I kinda believed them when they told me, “Get right, get healed and get ready for next year.”

3. What have you learned from the veteran linebackers on this team?

“I’ve learned a lot – from the simple things they just talk regular, about life, from how to be a parent, to football. I learned from Bobby (Wagner) and K.J. (Wright), they took me under their wing and taught me to be a pro. … That’s one thing they teach me, to elevate my game. If they see something on the field as far as tips and tricks on how to get people lined up fast, how to get people set, what to look for, tendencies on other offenses. These are the things they’ve taught me as vets and they sped up the learning process for me. Some rookies don’t get it in their first year.”

Quote to note:

“He looks really good on the outside right now. He’s making plays, he’s super fast out there, he’s getting his hands to the football and knocking it out and trying to make plays on the ball and he’s doing a lot of great things. He’s really understanding the game. He is kinda one of those silent assassins. He just plays football, he does it the right way. And he has a great mentor on the other side in Richard Sherman to look up to and discuss and gain knowledge from.” — Russell Wilson on Shaquill Griffin