Second-year offensive lineman Ethan Pocic responded to an up-and-down rookie season by adding 20 pounds of muscle this offseason. But, more importantly, can the projected starter maintain his new frame?

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Ethan Pocic

Position: left guard

Height, weight: 6-6, 315

College: LSU

Report from training camp

Year with Seahawks: Second

Three questions

1. You’re noticeably stronger heading into your second season with the team. How much weight did you put on, and how did you get that done?

“Last year I ended around 295 (pounds), and now I’m 315. I kind of found that happy medium. I was a little heavier at OTAs. I’m a little lighter now, but I’ve still got some more weight to me and I’ve got to hold it in camp. That was always my big problem. I’d get into camp at a good weight and I’d leave camp light. So I’m eating more fats and protein now to keep that weight on.”

2. When you’re trying to add good weight and keep it on, what’s the most important thing? Is it nutrition or lifting or some combination of both?

“Everything. The really big thing I’d say is just being consistent. We’re always going to work out hard. We’re always going to run. We’re always going to practice. It comes down to eating a lot, and you’ve got to eat healthy, too. It comes down to getting the right amount of protein, getting the right amount of carbs, getting your vegetables. Because you want to be healthy.”

3. What was it like growing up with your older brother, Graham? (Graham is a former All-Big Ten center at the University of Illinois.)

“He kicked my (butt). He beat me up a lot (laughing). There was one time, I was in seventh grade and he was a senior (in high school). We were talking, and I put on my pee-wee pads and he put on his (pads) … and he made me do a back flip in 1-on-1s. I would always challenge him and he would beat me growing up. Ever since I got to college, we don’t really challenge each other and stuff like that anymore. We’re too old for that.”