If you haven't seen Marshawn Lynch as Darth Vader yet, that needs to change. You won't be disappointed.

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Marshawn Lynch continues to do Marshawn Lynch things.

On Thursday, Lynch rushed the field during an altercation in Oakland’s game vs. the Chiefs. Lynch was ejected from the game and suspended for his next game for shoving an official during the scrum. He later was seen watching the game in the stands and later rode the BART after the game with Raiders fans, chanting “F*** the Chiefs.”

On Saturday, the second episode of Lynch’s Facebook show “No Script” was released, and yes, it was equally as entertaining as the pilot. Lynch channeled his inner Sith Lord in the episode and recorded a unique voice over for Darth Vader.

Watch out, James Earl Jones, Lynch’s Vader voice might have Hollywood suits rethinking how to portray The Dark Lord.