Marshawn Lynch went Beast Mode on a bunch of high schoolers and violated a California school district rule in the process.

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Marshawn Lynch was supsended for a week from the Raiders after shoving a referee in a scrum during last Thursday’s game with the Chiefs, but that didn’t stop him from playing football elsewhere.

Lynch on Friday posted a Instagram video of himself playing football with high schoolers at his alma mater, Oakland Tech. The caption read: “Just keep workin it will happen no matter what!!!!! Yes lawd!!!!”

Just keep workin it will happen no matter what!!!!Yes lawd!!!!

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While he’s struggled to find his old Beast Mode form this year with the Raiders, Lynch did indeed look formidable against the Bulldog squad.

While things looked like fun and games, the Interscholastic California Federation (ICF) wasn’t messing around. Lynch’s appearance at the practice was apparently a violation of California state high school rules, which state “only 9th though 12th grade students may practice with or compete on a high school team.”

In a statement to TMZ, the Oakland Unified School District wrote:

“(Marshawn’s) participation in the practice did not comply with Oakland Athletic League’s rules and regulations. Site administration did not receive prior notice that Lynch would be attending an after school practice.”

However, Lynch did not violate any NFL rules by showing up and bulldozing teenagers. It’s also yet to be seen what, if any, punishments will be doled out by the district.