From 'The season can't end like that,' to 'Oh baby, it's Christmas in Minnesota,' the radio broadcasts of Blair Walsh's missed 27-yard field goal were very different depending on where you were listening.

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Two broadcasts, two VERY different reactions. With Blair Walsh on the field to attempt a potentially game-winning 27-yard field goal, people listening to the game in Seattle heard nothing but jubilation over the air waves, while those in the Twin Cities could hear nothing but pain and disbelief.

From Paul Allen and Pete Bercich of KFAN 100.3 FM in Minnesota: “Snap good, spot down, Walsh’s kick is up and it is… no good, he missed it! Are you kidding me? The season can’t end like that! He missed it left!”

And from Steve Raible and Warren Moon on 710 ESPN in Seattle: The snap, the kick is up… IT’S NO GOOD! Are you kidding me? It’s no good! Oh baby it’s Christmas in Minnesota!”


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Listen to both here:


Seahawks announcer Steve Raible:


Vikings announcer Paul Allen:

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