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Stone nailed it on who Lynch was

Larry Stone wrote an excellent article about Marshawn Lynch (“We’ll miss you,” Feb. 12). Marshawn was the “Super Hawk” of the team. My emotions take over when I think about not seeing him play next season. His work ethic was phenomenal. He bulled his way through the opponent’s line and made them pay. WIth his quirky personality and superior athleticism, we will not see the likes of him again.

I appreciate all he did for our team and town. Thank you, Marshawn. I will miss you very much.

Alynne Prins, Snohomish

Lynch personified the Seahawks

I am hoping Marshawn Lynch will be invited to raise the 12th Man flag at a game this coming season so that all of us who appreciate his work and his presence can have the chance to give him the cheers and thanks he has earned.

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For me and many others, “Beast Mode” has been the Seahawks.

Patricia Benz, Chimacum


NBA has been a blast

My goodness, we need to do something right now. This has gotten way out of hand and on any given day, it’s Stephen Curry for 51 or Anthony Davis for 59 or James Harden for 42. This game has become too easy! We need to make the backboard smaller or the hoop smaller or the ball bigger or something!? These guys are making a mockery of the professional basketball game.

Just kidding – I have not had so much fun watching and enjoying professional basketball games since Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp patrolled the court at Key­Arena. I greatly enjoyed watching the Celtics and Lakers and Bulls while I was a young man. Until this latest group, I was not that enthused about professional basketball. It had become stale and boring.

I’m sorry but since Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal last dominated, it just has not been that entertaining. I am not a fan of LeBron James, Kevin Garnett or Kevin Durant or the Spurs. But this latest group of guys (Curry, Davis and Harden) is very entertaining. Finally, the fun is back in professional basketball. May it never disappear.

Go Sonics!

Brian Fehr, Bellevue


Not a ton of reason to believe

This time of the year, I’ve typically reconciled myself to trying to figure out what month the M’s will become irrelevant.

This year, I’m trying to figure out why I should be hopeful that a bunch of proven C-plus players coming off D-minus years are going to make the end of June any different. Fingers crossed.

Rick Stanton, Bainbridge Island

Take 2 essay brightened mood

I woke up this Friday morning not feeling well. I read a few of the news items (7-year-old boy with allergies laughed at on airplane, 63-year-old woman tortured, not to mention the maelstrom of insanity that is our 2016 presidential election).

Now, I was even more depressed and I was just about to leave the website, but I came across the Take 2 written by former Seattle Times reporter Don Duncan (“Why I’ll be celebrating my 90th birthday with the Mariners at spring training”).

What a wonderful, well-written piece about my favorite sport! Duncan’s nostalgic stories and enlightening information about baseball’s past in Seattle lifted my spirits immeasurably. I wish him a wonderful time at spring training and thank him for warming my heart, not to mention quickening my excitement for the Mariners’ 2016 season!

Becky Moore, Auburn


Hoping Chriss and Murray stay

With the UW men’s hoopsters beginning to show more of their predominant freshman pedigree, it’s time to look ahead, and hope that Marquise Chriss and Dejounte Murray will resist the lure of the coming NBA draft.

With heralded recruits Markelle Fultz and Sam Timmins on the way — and with Fultz possibly being one and done — Chriss and Murray have to sense the uniquely special year awaiting them in Huskyville.

Lew Witham, Seattle

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