There were suddenly a lot more stories and reports this week about Russell Wilson and is contract situation. But it's hard to tell if anything has necessarily changed.

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Maybe this is what is to be expected when it’s late June — as dead as time as there is in the NFL — and your local team has a player whose future is being discussed as much as any in the league.

So it was, then, that there seemed to be a lot of talk this week about Russell Wilson for things that you are not mistaken in thinking don’t seem like anything all that new.

There was a report this week, for instance, that Wilson wants to be the highest-paid player in the NFL. This got a lot of attention even though it’s something that was also reported months ago and has long been taken as pretty much the conventional wisdom — if he wanted to be the highest-paid QB in the NFL then he was going to be the highest-paid player in the NFL.

Some of the reports also referenced that he would want more money than Cam Newton. This also suddenly seemed to become news even though it was widely reported when Newton signed his deal a few weeks ago that its only real impact on the Wilson deal would be to set a floor for negotiations. If that’s the floor, then inevitably Wilson is going to be asking for more than Newton received.

Also getting a lot of attention was a comment Wilson made about having moved around a lot, with the inference being that he’d be fine with moving again. This though, was pretty much the same thing he said when he talked to media in Seattle a few weeks ago.

All of that also led to a Pro Football Talk story reporting that depending on how things play out, Wilson could be playing his final season in Seattle in 2015. Obviously that’s possible, and has been speculated before. The PFT story, though, concludes by throwing out other possible solutions, as well, which speaks to the fact that everything apparently remains on the table and that no one at the moment really knows where this is headed.

None of this is to dispute anything that has been reported, or to downplay the fact that negotiations have gone in a different direction than most Seahawks fans surely anticipated when the 2014 season ended. Instead, it’s more to note that recent reports don’t necessarily mean anything has fundamentally changed. Until this is settled, there will be a lot more reports leading to a lot more conjecture and discussion. But what it all means may be even harder to ascertain.

In the wake of all the Wilson stories this week also came this piece today from Jason La Canfora, who touched again on something I have also written about — the importance that guaranteed money could play in all of this. It’s a topic that may not be quite as attention-getting as saying Wilson wants to be the highest-paid player in the NFL. But in the long run, it could have a lot more impact on how this all ends.