The Seattle strong safety shed some light on what he wants during an exchange with the NFL Network.

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Seattle strong safety Kam Chancellor, who has been quiet on the reasons for his holdout since it began on July 31, told the NFL Network today that he’s not asking for more money this year but to have some of his 2017 salary shuffled to 2016.

NFL Network host Dan Hellie said he talked with Chancellor and said on NFL Total Access that:

“I exchanged messages with Kam Chancellor earlier today. He told me he feels like this whole thing could be over by now. Kam says he’s been willing to meet the Seahawks half way; he says the two sides [are] less than $1 million apart at this point. He actually used the term ‘petty.’ So in a nutshell, he told me that he’s not asking for more money; he wants the money to be moved from the 2017 season to next season with no additional money this season. I said, ‘Kam what about re-doing a contract that still has three years left?’ He told me he doesn’t want to wait until he’s almost 30.”

Hellie explained in a later interview with KJR-AM 950 that Chancellor has asked for $4 million to be moved from 2017 to 2016 and the team has countered with offering $3.1 million to be moved, apparently explaining being less than $1 million apart.

This is essentially consistent with what some have said is Chancellor’s goal — to make sure he gets some of the money that is in his future salaries that is not guaranteed. It would also theoretically give him a raise in 2016 before heading into the final year of his contract in 2017, knowing that the Seahawks have a history of redoing deals heading into their last year.

Chancellor is due to to make $5.1 million in 2016and $6.8 million in 2017, part of a contract that is typical of many in the NFL that is back-loaded to increase in both base salary and cap number in its final years. Chancellor’s  contract carries cap numbers of $6.1 million and $8.25 million in those years leading some to surmise that Chancellor may in part be trying to guard against being released before the final season and missing out on that big payday.

The Seahawks, though, have set a stance of not wanting to redo contracts in any manner that have more than a year remaining — Chancellor’s has three — in large part to avoid setting a precedent that could cause other players to ask for something similar. Doing anything would also change alter the salary cap structure.

Chancellor did not show up for practice again Wednesday and coach Pete Carroll ruled him out of Sunday’s game, which would cost Chancellor a game check of $267,647 as well as put him at risk of having another $250,000 in bonus money he has received previously to be repaid. The team was also able to fine him $30,000 a day for time missed during training camp as well as recoup $250,000 of his bonus for missing camp (all at team discretion).

Interestingly, in that same segment on Chancellor (which you can watch here) Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network reported that: “At this point, they (the Seahawks and Chancellor) are not close at all but this can turn immediately.”

“Negotiations can be roller coasters,” Rapoport said in comments relayed from the NFL Network. “At some points it is seemed they are very close; at some point you start to see the raw emotion involved. This has been an emotional time, an emotional negotiation for all sides. At this point, they are not close at all but this can turn immediately; same thing that happened with Russell Wilson. At one point it was done – five hours later he was on the phone with Ciara talking about how rich he is.”

Here’s more of what Rapoport said of what he’s heard about the status of the situation:  “Of course Kam Chancellor wants to take care of himself and wants to make sure that he is paid among the game’s highest paid safeties next year. What the Seahawks have to worry about and what they are worried about is a precedent. Remember, they re-did Marshawn Lynch’s deal a couple years ago to get him to show up but they did not sign him to an extension, they did not give him more money – what they did was simply move money from one year to another year. That seems to be, based on the conversation you (Hellie) had with Kam Chancellor, one strong option here. What they are nervous about, however, is giving an extension and offering him more guaranteed money with three years left. They just re-did his deal two years ago and made him among the game’s highest paid strong safeties. The reason the Seahawks don’t want to do that [is] they have Earl Thomas who just got a new deal, they have Richard Sherman who just got a new deal, Bobby Wagner. What if Bobby Wagner is among the game’s best players again this year? What if he’s the defensive MVP? He’s going to walk right into John Schneider’s office and say you took care of Kam Chancellor when he had a couple years left – re-do my deal. Same for Sherman, same for Thomas. So while Kam Chancellor, rightfully so, wants to be paid among the game’s highest-paid safeties, the Seahawks are now worried about will all of the other players do the exact same thing when it’s their turn in a couple years.”