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The Seahawks are back on the practice field Tuesday morning. And they do so again without strong safety Kam Chancellor, whose holdout is now 26 days old.

Chancellor can be fined by the team $30,000 for each day missed as well as the team being able to recoup $250,000 of his signing bonus. So the total, if the team were to ask for it, is now safely over $1 million.

Many, though, had pointed to this as a key week for a possible resolution, with Seattle preparing for the preseason game that is viewed as the closest to the real thing — teams typically play starters into the second half of the third game of the preseason before tapering down in week four.

But Chancellor remains holding out, with the team offering little on Monday in the way of public hope that anything will get done soon.

“Nothing’s changed,” Seattle coach Pete Carroll said Monday.

Sounds like he could say the same thing today, too.